Murs’ Next LP With 9th Wonder & The Soul Council Has A New Video & Release Date

Less than a month ago, Murs & 9th Wonder premiered two singles from the upcoming The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over at Ambrosia For Heads. “Ga$ Station Gucci Belt” (which Heads got a small taste of in late March) and “Night Shift” showed two different sides from the pair’s seventh album together—also involving The Soul Council (Khrysis, Nottz, Eric G, AMP, Kash and E. Jones). It is confirmed that the Murs 316/Jamla Records/EMPIRE album will arrive on July 19.

With that news, “Night Shift” comes to music video, including “Ga$ Station Gucci Belt.” The first, a Ka$h-produced song, is about dedication. In a Blockbuster Video sweatshirt, Murs delivers bars at a drive-in movie theater. Perhaps it is symbolism that the Living Legends product of the 1990s underground movement finds seemingly antiquated objects. By today’s standards, the sacrifices that the MC suffered may seem like ancient history. However, Blockbuster has become a nostalgic touchstone of better days for some, and several drive-ins are surviving across the landscape.

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“I didn’t take this lightly,” Murs told Billboard‘s Andreas Hale along with the video premiere. “I sacrificed weeks away from my family, to write in seclusion and work with this team, and hopefully make my best album to date. I am a true artist and my aim for the past two decades has been to master my craft. I am not an athlete. My age and longevity is not a limitation; it is a blessing. My focus isn’t what’s best for my brand—it’s what’s best for the music.”

Engaged to the stage at an early age / And it was years before I started getting paid,” begins Murs at the top. “For the love of the culture, the culture of love / I was k*lling that stage, I was building my buzz / I wasn’t making sh*t that they would feel in the club / ‘Cause I wouldn’t talk about all the k*lling and dr*gs / Yeah, I grew up with the Crips and the Bloods / And while they was busy screamin’ out, ‘*itch, I’m a thug,’ I was really thuggin’, I was sleepin’ on floors and sh*t / I was sellin’ dope just so I could record my sh*t / Turning dirty money into studio time / My family told me I was crazy, I was losing my mind / But I stuck to the script, I was glued to the grind / If I didn’t know sh*t, b*tch, I knew what could rhyme / Serve the sucka MC’s standin’ on the street corner / K*ll a cold instrumental and I make the beat warmer / A former introvert until I put the pen to work / Until my verses started turning heads like a tennis skirt.

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Murs is built to last, evidenced by footage from his recent cross-country tour with Locksmith and others. Footage from those packed club shows is also part of the video.

“Ga$ Station Gucci Belt” is produced by 9th. He and Murs have made the whole LP available for pre-order. This marks the pair’s first release since Brighter Daze, which released without warning on the final day of 2015.

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Earlier this year, 9th Wonder and The Soul Council produced Smif-n-Wessun’s The All. In addition to a video conversation with General Steele and Tek currently available on AFH TV, stay tuned for our recent chat with Murs about The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over, and so much more. We are currently offering free 30-day trials.