Twista Takes It Back To Summer ’96 With A Verse That’s Blazing Hot (Video)

UPDATE: Twista has made the video for “Summer ’96”:

ORIGINAL JUNE 25 STORY: One of Chicago’s O.G. MCs is in the midst of a renaissance. This Friday (June 28), Twista is partnering with DJ Pharris to release Summer 96, a mixtape. Based on its title, the project pulls the onetime platinum, chart-topping MC back to his roots. Although the Speedknot Mobstaz front-man was two albums deep 23 summers ago, he was gearing up for a climb that began with Adrenaline Rush.

That spirit is alive on the early title track. Even at less than a minute and a half, the veteran sounds refreshed, recharged, and out to prove his incredible talent.

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With an eerie beat, the MC uses his time efficiently. “What can I say to make you see how the f*ck I be feelin’ / Nobody can f*ck with a villain / Because I’m one in a million,” he begins, warning that he’s obliterating all competition. “Playtime is over, it’s the punisher from the Pink House days / I’m back again, you thought it was a phase / And I be flowin’ in magnificent ways / Comin’ off like a semi, if you ain’t hit, I bet your ass is grazed / Windy City chief rocka / Since the ’90s, I can hit the studio and make a knocker.” With a signature syncopated flow, Twista breaks the track down as only he can.

#BonusBeat: Less than a month ago, Twista & Do Or Die released “Home Invasion”: