Che Noir & 38 Spesh Are Reviving A Dying Breed Of Hardcore Hip-Hop (Video Premiere)

Within a very short time, Buffalo, New York native Che Noir has established herself as a force to be reckoned with on the microphone. This young MC only came on the scene a couple of years ago, but with the help of 38 Spesh and his TCF Music Group label, her name is ringing bells. Since the release of her latest project, Thrill Of The Hunt 2, Che won DJ Premier’s coveted stamp of approval, as well as praises from Parks of The Joe Budden Podcast. The independent LP is wholly produced by Spesh, who has been proving his knack for beat-making (in addition to brutal bars) on every TCF drop in 2019.

While the lead single and video off Thrill Of The Hunt 2, “Fall of Rome,” was well-received, fans have been clamoring for a “Dying Breed” video. This standout track is a favorite, due to Spesh and Che’s undeniable chemistry on the mic, which is exemplified in their trade-off. The way they smoothy come off each other’s lines is a skill that has been missing from Hip-Hop. As far as the beat, 38 hooks up an ethereal vocal sample and pairs it with some laid back drums. The outcome is an almost angelic sounding heat-rock.

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The visuals directed by D. Gomez follow Che as she picks-up and hands-off bag after bag all around the city of Rochester. The implication is that she is hustling. However, she becomes increasingly concerned about a dude on a motorbike that seems to be following her. The vid’ ends with the biker revealing himself to be none other than Spesh, who Che then hands the final bag to. He takes a look inside and looks pleased. In 2019, Che Noir is bringing a lot of attention to the TCF movement.

Press Photograph provided by TCF Music Group.