Drag-On Rates Some Bars That Dissed Him. The Score & Response Are Surprising (Video)

Onetime Ruff Ryders rapper Drag-On is the latest guest on Rate The Bars. Seventeen years ago, the Bronx, New Yorker scored a gold album in his debut, The Opposite Of H20. However, by the mid-2000s, the “Spit These Bars” and “Down Bottom” creator faded from the spotlight as compared to his circa-Y2K run with DMX, Eve, and The LOX.

A couple of years ago, The Game used Drag-On as a punchline on his 1992 standout “92 Bars.”Now do you wanna ride, back seat of my Caddy? / Used to flip them pies ain’t no relation to Patti / And I move P’s, ain’t no relation to Swaggy / Before that it was missing teeth and nickel-sack baggies / That’s caine, no daddy ’cause I ain’t really have one / And you can’t call yourself dope if you ain’t never bag none / I’m the old DMX, you ni**as Drag-On / Game raw as f*ck, like pokin’ holes in Magnums,” rapped the Compton MC who used X to for interludes on his L.A.X. album.

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That excerpt is just one of the selections Drag-On is asked to rate. “I want to give it a 1, but I don’t want to give it a 1. Because he bigged-up the homie DMX. I remember this, and this line made me upset a lil’ bit. So, since this line touched me—it did somethin’ to me—so I gotta give it up,” admits the rater. If The Game wanted to hurt feelings, the mission succeeded. In the sport of rapping, Drag-On acknowledges that victory, even at his expense. The former Ruff Ryders MC gives Game’s selection of bars a 4.

Elsewhere in the episode, Drag gives himself a perfect for the Swizz Beatz-produced “Down Bottom.” Ruff Ryders affiliate Cassidy scores a 5 for “I’m A Hustla.” Swizz’s “Where The Cash At” scores a 3. Eve’s “Do That Sh*t” a 3.5. Young Thug’s “Future Swag” pulls a 3. Lil TJay’s “Brothers” earns a 5 in Drag-On’s rubric. Fellow Bronx representative Don Q grabs a 5 for “Bag On Me” bars.

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In terms of squad praise, Sheek Louch’s “Wild Out” bars garner a double-perfect 10. Meanwhile, DMX’s “Ni**az Done Started Something” scores a 15.5.