When It Comes To Lyrics, Oswin Benjamin Has Got That FIRE (Video)

Born in Brooklyn and raised in upstate New York’s city of Newburgh, Oswin Benjamin is a seasoned MC that continues to make significant waves on his climb. In 2016, Benjamin was a part of one of the year’s best cyphers alongside Chris Rivers and Denzil Porter, a session that ultimately turned into an aggressive, no holds barred Rap battle. That following year, the Team Backpack veteran spit a few outstanding bars for Sway Calloway and Big Sean on Sway’s Universe, prompting Sean to ask for an early preview of his then upcoming project, Hueman. Then, just a few short months ago, Benjamin got the call and linked up with Sway once again, destroying nine beats for ten minutes in a freestyle that Calloway has dubbed, “The Best Freestyle of the Year.”

Now, Oswin looks to tackle 2019 in a major way as he debuts his first official album, Godfrey. One of the project’s standout tracks, “Personal,” is a hard knocking record that flexes Benjamin’s top-tier lyricism with intense intimacy and distinctive character. To coincide with the track, Benjamin links with NextGen Digital and drops a set of wicked hot visuals to bring his bold bars to life.

Playtime Is OVER. Oswin Benjamin Has The Best Freestyle Of 2019

Layered over Rod The Producer’s (Styles P, Chris Rivers, Pete Rock) piano-laced, bass rattling production, Benjamin is found setting fire to a junkyard as he spits with a passion as heated as the blaze burning around him. To open, Oswin rips, “Hold up, b*tch don’t kill my vibe / Ni**a, don’t size me up / Don’t like me but / It’s cool, you ain’t gotta like what I write for an invite to the trunk of my mind / Back of my thoughts / Back from the crack of the concrete rose grown out of New York / Outta the dark / A Tupac with an AK-47 and a word from Heaven / Irving Graham, a word to grandma / I talk about Hell more than I walk through it / I talk about God more than I talk to ’em / Four hundred dollars for belts / Two hundred dollars for denim / And all of the women you spending the money impressing is walking in five-dollar-leggings / You chasing the dream or you chasing the ass? / Investing in p*ssy, invest in your craft / And that’s self / Trying to find you trying to be everyone else.”

In recent months, Oswin Benjamin has hit the festival circuit for lively performances at Miami’s Rolling Loud event and the 25th anniversary of New Orleans’ Essence Festival. Benjamin’s debut album, Godfrey, features Levicticus G. Bradshaw and fellow New Yorker and The LOX MC, Styles P.