J. Cole’s Production Brings Out The Best In Anderson .Paak’s Rap Flow (Audio)

Late last year J. Cole and Anderson .Paak collaborated on Oxnard, care of the song “Trippy.” That chemistry builds in a significant way thanks to a song Cole produced for YBN Cordae’s upcoming The Lost Boy album (July 26).

“RNP (Rich Ni**a Problems)” features an especially bouncy beat, with the kind of filtered drums that J Dilla favored. Meanwhile, Cole involves an assortment of background noises to create a dynamic canvas for the versatile vocalists. Andy kicks his slick soul, letting everybody know that he is feeling untouchable. Suitland, Maryland’s Cordae raps about just that, having money, profile, and his youth all at once.

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Cordae, who has stated his influences ranging from JAY-Z to Jedi Mind Tricks, nods to a vintage Hov’ line in his lyrics. Together, he and Anderson might light of their age gap, but share in their come-up. Meanwhile, in addition to the melodic chorus, Paak is down to spit bars alongside YBN. “Like back in ’03, I was only like six,” raps Cordae, before Paak replies, “Sh*t, I was like 16,” before Cordae returns, “but I can give a 16 / I can make a b*tch scream, that’s a bit extreme / I got a thick bald b*tch, I call her Ms. Clean / My drip frosty like Halls and Listerine / We all all-stars, you hardly sixth-string,” YBN demonstrates some wordplay as he takes over, sharing the bars for some clever interplay. “Yeah, I had to ball hard to harvest these dreams / Swear to God, me too, no Harvey Weinstein / The coupe was lime green, my wrist was blind-ing / We party in South Beach, Ferraris, and blue cheese.” F*ck does that even mean? Ni**a, just let the hook sing.”

From the same YBN Collective as Birmingham, Alabama’s Nahmir and Texas’ Almighty Jay, the winning clique is showing range. Cordae’s approach to music seems to stand apart in solo material. Like Cordae’s recent video with Chance The Rapper, this Anderson .Paak and Cole-assisted moment reaches multiple pockets of Rap fans. In doing so, several of the most respected A-list stars of music are knighting this thoughtful 21-year-old.

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Pusha-T, Quincy Jones, and Meek Mill are guests on this week’s The Lost Boy drop. Earlier this year, Andy released Ventura. J. Cole was at the helm for Dreamville’s Revenge Of The Dreamers III label-and-guest compilation, which recently topped the charts.

#BonusBeat: YBN Cordae, Anderson .Paak, and The Roots performing “RNP” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night (July 23):