New Details Surface In The A$AP Rocky Case That Give Context To His Arrest

A$AP Rocky spent today (August 1) in a Stockholm, Sweden courtroom. The chart-topping rapper has been in custody for one month regarding an altercation involving his entourage and two men on the streets of the city. This morning, Rocky, who previously pleaded not guilty, said he’s fighting for his freedom and justice as he challenges assault charges. One of those men, Mustafa Jafari, has accused Rocky and others of this crime.

“I have spent a month in Sweden. This is my fifth or sixth time here,” the 30-year-old Rakim Mayers told a panel of judges during his final statement, according to TMZ as well as the BBC’s Larissa Kennelly. “What I want is justice. I want my name to be cleared,” Rocky said. “Justice for all of us.”

A$AP Rocky Charged With Assault. He Will Remain In Swedish Custody

The musician, actor, and model also told judges that he seeks no money if he is found innocent—despite a possible case to do so. According to TMZ‘s investigation, per Swedish law, a person who is found innocent can be awarded money from the government for compensation lost. Rocky’s team has canceled shows and appearances since the altercation and subsequent arrest. Given Rocky’s stature, that could cost the government millions in lost income. Meanwhile, Rocky is reportedly willing to waive those rights if he is exonerated.

Notably, TMZ was also mentioned in the trial deliberations. Rocky has been questioned about videos posted on social media, and text messages. Rocky, who documented the two men following his entourage and seemingly hurling a pair of headphones at his security, says he did so to present the additional facts not published in the media—including TMZ. Prosecutors are seeking to investigate what footage was filmed by Rocky and not shared online.

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Based on text messages allegedly sent by Rocky’s assistant, prosecutors are claiming that Rocky may have hit one of the men with a bottle and subsequently deleted evidence. TMZ reports, “This seems to be the centerpiece of the case–whether Rocky went too far by hitting the alleged victim with a bottle.” Rocky is quoted as saying, “I didn’t break any bottles.” However, he reportedly admitted that he used the objects to chase away his perceived attackers. Rocky told the panel, “You [have] got to realize my life is very unique and particular. I’ve been stabbed in the face and my home has been robbed at gunpoint twice. That’s why I have security.” Rocky refused to speculate on his assistant’s texts to management, which allegedly referred to a person named “Harlem” breaking a bottle on a person.

Rocky also accused the two men of punching his bodyguard, in addition to hurling the electronics, which was partially filmed. That bodyguard was previously dismissed from the investigation while Rocky, as well as Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers, remain on trial. The rapper told the court that he believes the two men were on narcotics at the time of the incident, and unable to reason with requests to stop following. USA Today correspondent Kim Hjelmgaard reports online that Jafari, a native of Afghanistan, has been convicted of drug crimes in the past.

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Meanwhile, Jafari has stated that he was looking for a friend. The parties encountered one another outside of a restaurant at a city bench. Rocky and his team claim to have been trying to rent scooters on an app with plans to explore Stockholm. During this time was when the men first interacted with the security guard. After being told to leave, Jafari reportedly claimed to have approached Rocky’s entourage a second time, to see if they may have seen the person he and his friend were seeking. He also stated that he was unaware of the rapper’s celebrity profile. Rocky’s legal team, led by Slobodan Jovicic, accused the man’s actions of not being of a sober nature.

From the stand, Rocky admitted to pushing and shoving his accuser. However, the A$AP Mob member said that he considered the man to be an attacker, who was “charging” him.

Following Rocky’s closing statement, Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers did the same. All three men seeking a not-guilty verdict argue that the altercation was an act of self-defense.