Dreamville’s Bas Sets Off A Big Week By Rocking The Tiny Desk With His Band (Video)

Bas, who reps the Dreamville camp, has been busy adding to his already quite respectable discography. He was a prominent voice on the chart-topping Return Of The Dreamers III compilation. He also recently hinted that he has a new album in the works titled Spilled Milk Vol. 1, consisting of collaborations recorded during January ROTD3 Rap camp. “It [contains] a lot of records that came together at Dreamers camp—collaborations with some of the homies and we’re going to release it in three parts,” Bas recently told Genius‘ Rob Markman on a For The Record episode, embedded below. In a tweet today, “Fiend Bassy” confirmed that the LP will arrive this Friday, August 9. It will feature label-mates J.I.D., Ari Lennox, and EarthGang, among others.

The French-born MC, who represents Queens, New York, is the latest act to bring the vibes to The Tiny Desk and he doesn’t disappoint. He is accompanied by longtime ‘Ville producer Ron Gilmore on keys and vocals. Justin Jackson is on keys and vocals with Nathan Foley lead on guitar. Johnathon Lee Lucas provides drums and Mereba notably offers backing vocals. Bas curates the perfect atmosphere for the awaiting audience to hear selected tracks from his 2018 Milky Way LP.

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Bas effortlessly performs “Barack Obama Special,” which juxtaposes his love for the former President with the aftermath of deepening divide of current race relations in the nation today—including at home. Just for clarity, Bas joked about his love for his current neighbor. He said, “My new neighbor’s mad cool. So, shout out to Peggy. Peggy be picking up my mail when I’m on tour.” He then leans into “Purge” where he vows to excommunicate subpar rappers from the world. The hook goes, “I’m killing these ni**as off, call me the purge.” Bas then segues into the slapping “Designer” and closes out the set with his highest-charting single to date, “Tribe.”

Continuing the modus operandi of the Dreamville camp, Bas’ Tiny Desk set reveals his undeniable stage presence, top-notch lyricism and charismatic showmanship. While the tracks are stellar in album form, Bas breathes new life into his songs on stage with laid-back persona and lighthearted commentary.

The Rap Purge Is Here & Bas Is Leading The Way (Video)

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