Benny, Conway & 38 Spesh Rewrite A Page Out Of Scarface’s Diary (Audio Premiere)

Rochester, New York MC/producer 38 Spesh has made a hard push in the last two years to reach the forefront of underground Hip-Hop. Be it releasing a litany of solo and collaborative albums or mentoring promising young talent like Che Noir, T.C.F. Music Group’s founder has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. When he started producing the bulk of his own projects, as well as full-length LPs for others, it became clear that he is as nice on the MPC as he is with the pen.

To celebrate the 25th-anniversary of one of the best years in Hip-Hop music, 38 Spesh put together a tribute compilation titled 1994. This offering features many of the most buzzing names in underground Hip-Hop such as Elcamino, Flee Lord, and Rome Streetz alongside respected vets like Planet Asia, Fred The Godson, Grafh, and Cory Gunz. Each pairing rhymes over an homage beat to some memorable 1994 joints. From nods to Nas and Method Man, O.C. and Masta Ace Incorporated, Spesh actually remade each beat, adding his own flavor.

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Ambrosia For Heads premieres the lead single from the comp, “Never Seen A Man Cry.” For this joint, 38 enlists the Griselda greats Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher to scorch his take on the beat from Scarface’s single. The familiar whining synthesizer notes are fertile ground for Conway and B.E.N.N.Y to get busy. Then, Spesh throws down his own verse to close out this throwback track.

Benny’s first couple of lines that start the song and the bars Spesh finishes with are equally quotable. The Butcher raps, “I’m done doing favors / Made money I’m too busy to spend, I need appointments just to thumb through the paper / All foreigns when we come through in Vegas / Walk in the house with bricks like I’m ‘bout to teach kung-fu to neighbors.” Then, TCF’s CEO shuts it down with this run, “My first charge I was shell-shocked / My old b*tch called the police on me, had me in jail, hot / They found an ounce in my mailbox / Caught an F from an O with my ex like I’m try’na spell fox.” Friendly competition makes for great Rap music.

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Notably, “Never Seen A Man Cry” is the lone track on the project from an artist outside of New York City. From Scarface’s 5-mic The Diary, it was the first single from the Rap-A-Lot Records album from fall of ’94.

The full 1994 album drops on October 25. Check out the tracklist below.

01. RJ Payne & Che Noir – NY State Of Mind (Nas)
02. Elcamino & Ty Farris – Warning (Biggie Smalls)
03. Fred The Godson & Rain 910 – Mass Appeal (Gang Starr)
04. Rome Streetz & Daniel Son – Supa Star (Group Home)
05. Eto & Black Geez – Most Beautifullest Thing In This World (Keith Murray)
06. Flee Lord & The Musalini – Come Clean (Jeru The Damaja)
07. Rasheed Chappell & Street Justice – Rugged Never Smooth (M.O.P.)
08. Jamal Gasol & Jai Black – Time’s Up (O.C.)
09. Grafh & Cory Gunz – Bring The Pain (Method Man)
10. Planet Asia & Flashius Clayton – PLO Style (Method Man)
11. Ampichino, ReefHustle & G4 JAG – Born To Roll (Masta Ace Incorporated)
12. Rim Da Villin & Hus Kingpin – Stress (Organized Konfusion)
13. Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine & 38 Spesh – Never Seen A Man Cry (Scarface)

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Earlier this year, 38 Spesh released numerous projects, including 38 Strategies Of Raw as well as Loyalty & Trust with Flee Lord.

There are interviews with Benny and Conway available at AFH TV. We are currently offering free 7-day trial subscriptions. Additionally, new music by Spesh, Che Noir, and the Griselda camp is presently on the official AFH Playlist.