Boogie’s Freestyle Questions Whether Buying Back The Block Is The Right Thing (Video)

Boogie made one of 2019’s better albums in Everything’s For Sale. The Long Beach, California native who was later raised in the streets of Compton, confronts the issues of our time with wisdom and witty cynicism. A young father who spent years grinding on Soundcloud on a path that’s ultimately led him to Shady Records’ roster, Boogie blends rapping and melody in a seamless balance.

In his latest ’19 appearance on Sway In The Morning, the 30-year-old MC christens a new studio in Los Angeles, California. Just as he’s done on his albums, Boogie uses wordplay to vent about crushed hopes, mortality, and the fatigues of a career in entertainment.

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Tell me to invest inside the section that I call home / But I look up, no, that’s the reason that my dog gone / They trying to steer us all wrong / And leave us in the red / Especially in L.A., you know that traffic never clear,” says the artist before admitting “I ain’t been ’round, I ain’t been home / I’m in a crowd, but still alone.” He continues with a verse filled with metaphors about sacrificing his life for others, sharpening his songwriting, and refusing to wait to get his message digested.

Boogie continues, “I take no co-signs as compliments / I can’t dim my light because ni**as ain’t confident / Once you boomin’, they gon’ treat you like you up / If your team don’t block the hate, then you gonna turn to Andrew Luck / If I’m reachin’ for the sun, and then you see me turn to dust / May I forever be remembered for the people that I touched.” He then says that taxes are the death of many people and dismisses the people who pocket-watch his deal with Em. “When everybody in the room doubted / It’s like I’m going uphill, but trying to move mountains / You know the hood won’t let you elevate / You gotta watch how you stare, that sh*t can escalate.” Boogie, who has admitted his street ties, wants people to be smart in how they maneuver. Nipsey Hussle, Rick Ross and JAY-Z have championed investing in the neighborhoods that bred them (in different ways). But Boogie urges a note of caution.

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Notably, he defends Jay in this freestyle, following the NFL partnership last month. After worrying about being canceled, he raps, “Look at the world and look at how they doin’ Jay / Like we don’t already know that ni**a resumé / Trying to be like Big June and go plant-based / But y’all keep throwing all these rappers in my damn face / Ain’t gotta question if your man fake / He got these weird vibrations in his handshake.

AFH TV sat down with Boogie to discuss Everything’s For Sale, which features J.I.D and Eminem. We are currently offering free 7-day subscriptions. Music by Boogie is currently included on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.