A Third Suspect Has Been Charged In Connection With Mac Miller’s Fatal Overdose

SEPTEMBER 27 UPDATE: Arrests and charges continue to mount in association with Mac Miller’s 2018 fatal overdose. Following news earlier this week that a second arrest was made, now a third suspect has been taken in.

According to TMZ, Stephen Walter was arrested Monday (September 23) in Los Angeles, California. Walter is accused of being the provider of 10 counterfeit Percocet tablets. He was allegedly contacted by Cameron James Petit for the pills. Ryan Reavis was the transporter. Petit eventually sold the drugs to the rapper, less than 48 hours before he was found dead in his Studio City, California residence. Petit and Reavis have both been arrested in connection with the transaction and Miller’s death.

SEPTEMBER 25 UPDATE: Now, more than a year following the death of Mac Miller, a second suspect in connection with his overdose has been arrested.

Thirty-six-year-old Ryan Reavis was apprehended by authorities in Lake Havasu, Arizona yesterday (September 24), according to NBC News. Charges include fraud, drug possession, as well as illegal possession of a firearm. Reavis, who was found in possession of a doctor’s prescription pad, is currently held at the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office on a $50,000 cash-only bond.

A previous suspect, Cameron James Petit, remains under arrest and investigation.

ORIGINAL SEPTEMBER 24 STORY: Later this week (September 7), it marks one year since Mac Miller fatally overdosed. The 26-year-old MC/producer was found dead in his Studio City, California residence in 2018. Last November, coroners reported that a mixture of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol was responsible for the artist’s passing.

Prosecutors are seeking to punish those responsible for supplying the artist, born Malcolm McCormick, with the drugs. Today (September 4), NBC News reports that an unsealed 42-page criminal complaint reveals that 28-year-old Cameron James Petit has been charged in connection with Miller’s death. Text messages indicate that Miller requested oxycodone; Petit allegedly provided the artist with counterfeit versions of the prescription drug.

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The report also adds that following Mac’s 2018 death, Petit communicated via Instagram direct message and text message to other parties, suggesting possible responsibility, and admitting wrongdoing. “I am not great … Most likely I will die in jail,” one text said, after being asked how he was doing.

“We are aggressively targeting drug dealers responsible for trafficking illicit fentanyl, which has become the most deadly facet of the opioid epidemic,” said United States Attorney Nick Hanna, per NBC News. “We are committed to slowing the number of overdose deaths and prosecuting those responsible for spreading this most dangerous opioid.”

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Just weeks before his death, Mac Miller released the Grammy-nominated Swimming album. It was named one of Ambrosia For Heads top albums of last year.