Young M.A. Kicks A Freestyle That’s Germane & So So Def (Video)

With only nine days until Young M.A drops her debut album Herstory In The Making, the Brooklyn, New York MC visited Funkmaster Flex’s HOT 97 studio, self-proclaimed “home away from home.” The popular MC builds the hype in the best way she knows possible. M.A busts a two-part freestyle that goes from braggadocio to social commentary to lewd raps that would make a few of her peers blush. One peer, Jermaine Dupri, recently compared women in Rap to strippers and said they are all “rapping about the same thing.” The So So Def Records founder made a subsequent clarification. However, Young M.A is another example that women are not all saying the same things, and they’re just as—if not more—talented than the men.

Flex starts by letting M.A know he is going to be doing a five-artist cypher coming up soon and invites her to come through. She obliges, with another artist already in one spot. He then tells DJ Juanita to throw on the instrumental to Casanova 2X and Fabolous’ hometown anthem “So Brooklyn.”

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“Me Always” goes right in and after claiming the Kween of BK title (the “K” is for also being a “king”), she kicks some conscious bars: “Can’t flex in my city, no, they gon’ envy that,” she spits, using two DJs’ names in her wordplay. “Police chases / Constant discrimination / Even the Black cops is racist / No grass, just pavement / Everybody been claiming that gang sh*t / Honestly, every hood is the same sh*t / Let’s change routes / Different route, let’s do it different / Instead of starting a gang, ni**a, let’s start a business / Either you gang or your gaining, that’s not a hard decision.”

In the second half of her lyrical onslaught, the young entrepreneur catches a body while still managing to inject humor into the barrage: “I could be your daddy if you don’t know who your father is / We know who don’t like us; we know who our target is / Keep on sh*tting on ‘em like I don’t know what a toilet is / Trophies in them offices, I graduated from the streets / I don’t know where Harvard is, no diploma, no degrees / Put my chain on no degrees / Drop the bag at the dealer, told him throw ‘dem keys / I had a long day, baby, on your knees / Put ya face on it while I hold ya weave / And baby when we done, can you roll the weed? / She said, ‘This Gorilla?’ I said, ‘Oh, indeed’ / But I would leave a b*tch if she crossed me like a rosary.” 

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Herstory In The Making will arrive on September 27 via M.A. Music/3D.