Shaq Claps Back At Damian Lillard & Disses Charles Barkley In The Crossfire

Days ago, Damian Lillard released his second Shaquille O’Neal diss track, “I Rest My Case.” The current NBA star persisted to call out the Hall Of Famer player’s rapping abilities. This came after Shaq responded to some comments Dillard made on The Joe Budden Podcast about his MC skills back in the ’90s. However, Dame has expanded his offensive with shots about Shaq’s size, the state of his endorsement deals, and perhaps most controversially, accusations that O’Neal rode the coattails of Kobe Bryant and others to secure his four championship rings.

In his first diss of the battle, Shaq “spanked” Dame D.O.L.L.A. for disrespecting his elders. Additionally, O’Neal called out Damian Lillard for lacking chips, both on the court and in his bank accounts. However, the former Jive Records Rap artist is not done, especially following Dame’s “Reign Reign Go Away” and more recent, “I Rest My Case.”

Damian Lillard Gets Flagrant With Shaq On A Foul Diss Track

Shaq takes Puff Daddy & The Family’s “Victory” instrumental (as produced by Puff and Stevie J). Notably, O’Neal and Biggie made “You Can’t Stop The Reign,” a 1996 collaboration and statement that Dame D.O.L.L.A. used in his initial reply diss. The 47-year-old also takes a page from Canibus’ book, and names this attack “Second Round Knockout.”

The scathing response features more jabs at Lillard’s NBA resume in comparison to Shaq’s. Notably, the commentator alleges that one of his weekly earnings eclipse’s a year of D.O.L.L.A’s yearly salary. He tells his veteran opponent that he chokes in the playoffs. “That lil’ Kobe comment you said had me grinnin’ / Three times MVP, Dame, at least I’m winnin’ / First of all lil’ boy, you see this ain’t beef / You just a pu**y talkin’ about me, call it a queef,” he charges. Moments later, Shaq laughs at Dame’s position as a battle rapper since he is not a basketball champ. Although laughing at the bars about Kobe, Shaq admits he’s upset. “First spanking that I gave you, son, I meant to whoop you / I’m so angry that God or Allah can’t help you / Cash rules everything around me, cream / D.O.L.L.A.-lookin’-ass-boy, I’m the lord of the rings!

Shaq & Dame Lillard Foul Each Other With Diss Tracks Over Who’s The Better Rapper

Shaq repeatedly suggests Damian Lillard is a woman, and proclaims himself “the big Lebron James.” O’Neal also calls into question Lillard’s Oakland, California ties, bringing up his high school career after some research.

For basketball fans, there are two interesting developments in this second diss. Shaq threatens to have the Portland Trailblazers star traded from his franchise. “You shoot too much, dudes on your team hate it / Keep talkin,’ [I will] make a phone call, get you traded,” he warns. Previously, Damian Lillard questioned Shaq’s character for befriending an on-the-court nemesis in Charles Barkley. Almost 20 years ago, the two Hall Of Famers came to blows in a November 1999 game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets (embedded below). In an altercation that led to both men getting ejected, Sir Charles chucked the ball at Shaq, before benches cleared. As commentators, the two men have scaled their rivalry, at times. “Everybody gonna hear this ether / I don’t like your ass; I don’t like Charles Barkley either / Lyrically, I’m 7’5″ from the waist up / Tell you one more time, Dame D.O.L.L.A., shut your face up.

Chip Fu Of The Fu-Schnickens Speaks About Working On Music With Shaq (AFH TV Video)

Last month, Lillard released Big D.O.L.L.A., featuring Lil Wayne and Mozzy. Earlier this year, Shaq appeared on Erick Sermon’s Vernia album. Sermon broke down the making of the album in his AFH TV conversation. In another video, The Fu-Schnicken’s Chip Fu speaks in-depth about mentoring Shaquille O’Neal as an MC. We are currently offering free 7-day trials.

#BonusBeat: Highlights of Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley verbally sparring: