Atmosphere’s New Video Is About The Quest For Peace Of Mind

As the cold winds of winter begin to blow through Minneapolis once again, Atmosphere, return with a new video, which draws on their state’s natural beauty for inspiration. Following on from last year’s Mi Vida Local, their ninth studio album, the Rhymesayers duo deliver an emotional and poignant track in quintessential Atmosphere style.

“Bde Maka Ska” takes its name from Minneapolis’s largest lake, which is the main star of the video, as Slug stands on a pier and delivers a lengthy single verse. His positioning amid the lake is the perfect metaphor for the song’s main theme of serenity, as well as the loneliness Slug touches on in the opening bars – “I’m all alone / I feel it all in my bones / It’s probably why I’m not goin’ home.”

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Slug has always been very effective at conveying emotion through his lyricism, and this latest verse is a prime example of that skill. At one point, while addressing what could be a fair-weather friend, Slug says “I fall back and let the chips descend / Go ahead, call me back when you miss your friends,” before going on to say, “And maybe later we can talk about the weather / Pick a day and we can try to get together /
Bring along whatever tool you use to measure / How the temperature reacts to your temper / And lick a shot for the messenger / It’s not a mess if ya / Control the stress (never let it get the best of ya).

Ant’s production is the regular blend of Country and Soul flavors, as the guitar-driven, piano-laced beat is peppered with an evocative female vocal sample. As with the production, the video also utilizes the simple-but-effective method, with director Tomas Aksamit splicing old film reel effects into the Slug’s lake scene and accompanying scenes of surrounding waterways. As Slug utters his final bar, “I want that middle of the lake serenity /  It’s why I stay alive inside your energy.” and the song goes into its final refrain, the camera pans out to reveal the lake in its full splendor before the surrounding city areas fade away.

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Atmosphere is renowned for relentless touring, and in January, they embark on their latest run of shows across North America, accompanied by fellow RSE artists, Nikki Jean (as heard alongside Lupe Fiasco and The Roots) and The Lioness. The tour kicks off in Minneapolis on January 13 and continues until February 26.

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Press photograph by Dan Monick provided by Rhymesayers Entertainment.