Rapsody’s Latest Freestyle Shows Why She Is Already In The Winner’s Circle (Video)

Yesterday (November 20), Rapsody expressed her disappointment following the announcement of the 2020 Grammy Award nominations. While late 2017’s Laila’s Wisdom earned two nominations, 2019’s exceptional LP Eve was not included in Wednesday’s list. In a social media post, the Jamla/Roc Nation MC admitted that she was “frustrated” and “disappointed.” However, she went on to praise those nominated in the categories (which include past collaborators such as J. Cole, Nipsey Hussle Anderson .Paak). Rap also gave a shout-out to Freddie Gibbs, whose latest Madlib collaboration (Bandana) was another body of work withheld from any of the Grammy categories.

With this news, Rapsody’s new Funkmaster Flex freestyle now comes to light. These rhymes show the Snow Hill, North Carolina MC does not need any statues to tell her she’s nice. Moreover, the words show why she’s been winning, with more prizes to come.

Rapsody’s Eve Is 1 Of The Year’s Best Albums In Any Category

If you just tunin’ in, we’ve been ahead all quarters / I’m at the point I turn down money, you ni**as can’t afford us / The price of my soul worth more than Michael Jackson choruses / We aimin’ for the Garden, though we came through the florist / That’s a come-up, come on, I don’t even know what the floor is / Thought I wouldn’t, when I would, I made a path through the forest / Like Chris Paul, screamin’ ‘I wish that ya knew, guy’ / When the storm came, I stood in the rain with medals and laughed hard / Like, ‘Try me, ni**a’ / I’m triggered, I gotta make bullet points / Album of the year, one of my greatest is my older joints / There’s a new one, the new 1’s, I really been in J’s / That crib in Malibu, Flex, I really been in Jay’s / Different circles, Door-Dash’in/  And ‘she really went commercial?’ they askin’ / Yes I did, me and the homies all laughin’ / No actin’, ni**a, as I sit on isosceles / Flexin’ my philosophies / Said I’d never cross-over, I left ’em all with wobble-knees / Put me in the Irving Plaza, the way I went Kyrie,” Rapsody charges at the top of the display. She rhymes over a beat by AMP from The Soul Council, who produced tracks on 2012 breakthrough, The Idea Of Beautiful.

She continues the freestyle, referencing two recent developments in the news surrounding Drake and Colin Kaepernick, respectively. “How y’all gone’ boo Drake? Knowin’ y’all wouldn’t have a boo without Drake? / Real sh*t, there I go again, must be smokin’ that lah-lah / Took the game by the balls and ain’t have to show you my taa-taa’s / I been had respect from Jay, Big, B-High, and Ty-Ty / Y’all was takin’ L’s, I used ’em to spell Allah / That’s God flow, Rakim, y’all be on that rah-rah / All cap, I called Kap’, he ain’t pick up receivers / Jay was kickin’ game, I was open enough to receive it / Y’all was on my head like, ‘Not Rap’, I can’t believe it / All my moves’ll make sense one day, like Jason Weaver / Martin and Malcolm, Jay and Kaep’, both them ni**as, you know we need ’em,” Rapsody spits.

Rapsody Says She’s The GOAT In A Verse That Proves She’s 1 Of Hip-Hop’s Best MCs

At the close of the demonstration, a stunned Funkmaster Flex declares, “She got the top chick-bars in the game right now.” Rapsody accepts that compliment, even if her Eve campaign (and efforts for years before) have pushed back against the notion of limiting Hip-Hop abilities to gender. “I ain’t even mad; we gonna end it like that,” she says with a smile.

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