Royce 5’9 Drops 1 Of The Most Savage Verses Of 2019 (Audio)

Royce 5’9 has been working hard behind the scenes in 2019, after releasing two acclaimed albums last year. Following The Book Of Ryan (named one of Ambrosia For Heads‘ top albums of ’18), Royce began the new year with the highly-potent “Field Negro” single. Since then, he’s remained quiet. Former Slaughterhouse band-mate Kxng Crooked recently revealed that Nickel was focused on production. Royce confirmed the reports during a 2019 phone-call from The Joe Budden Podcast.

Now, Heads get to hear Royce’s sound, alongside one of the hardest and most powerful verses of 2019. “Black Savage” is being released through the NFL, reportedly as part of JAY-Z’s work with the league and the Inspire Change initiative. It comes the same week that Colin Kaepernick is getting a workout before any NFL team reps that wish to attend. Over a Soul sample that he hooked up, the veteran MC shows he’s in his prime with the kind of lyrics that made him a Rap hero.

Royce 5’9’s Most Powerful Song Of His Career Is A Call For Solidarity & Pride

I don’t believe in your white Jesus and Last Supper’s / I place value on brothers who never had justice / I am a Black savage / Ali and Foreman in Zaire, fighting for black magic / Rifles and flag jackets / Mama was suicidal, Papa had bad habits / Product of true survival / Rocker, like Black Sabbath / Hoppin’ up out the Chevy / Pac, Biggie, and Machiavelli / O.G., like Nas and Reggie / Culture like ‘Ox’ in Belly / Vulgar like Akinyele / Focused like Dr. Sebi / We did it your way, but now the culture is boppin’ to our Sinatra medley / I’m limitless energy / They gimmicks and imagery / Kendrick, Cole, and the Kennedys / Lyrical Holy Trinity / General of the city / They into promoting silly beef / Keepin’ it Willie D / Weezy on the ‘A Milli’ beat / Dreamchaser facing the enemy like my ni**a Meek / Tyler Perry writing my winning speech like it’s Emmy week / Heart of gold, never sold my soul, gun weighs a ton / Hov tellin’ Lori Harvey no at the Roc Nation brunch,” he charges at the top of the song.

The song features CyHi The Prynce, T.I., and onetime Cash Money Records and Bumpy Knuckles mentee Sy Ari Da Kid, as well as White Gold on the chorus. A video for this songs releases tomorrow (November 15) at noon EST.

Royce 5’9’s Book Of Ryan Is A New Chapter & Proof That He Is 1 Of Hip-Hop’s Greatest MCs

In a making-of video released yesterday (November 13), Royce detailed. “[This song] was a challenge, because I’ve never made beats before. I’ve always produced. Like, I’m a member of Slaughterhouse, so I was the guy in the group that was responsible for other parts of the song, other than just my verse.” He also says that D12’s Mr. Porter taught him how to arrange beats, with some coaching from DJ Premier, Carlos “6 July” Broady, and others. “As long as I’m interested in something, I can pretty much focus on it and obsess over it until I get it sounding like how I want to it to sound.” Hopsin, 6 July, and Denaun Porter all appear in the visual shot at Nickel’s studio in Detroit, Michigan. In the video, Royce mentions an album, confirming a follow-up to The Book Of Ryan.

#BonusBeat: Royce 5’9’s making of “Black Savage” episode: