YBN Cordae Gave Hip-Hop Fans A Reason To Be Thankful In 2019 & This Video Does Too

YBN Cordae has made a strong impression since he first came on the scene in the Spring of 2018. The 22-year-old MC’s ability to straddle the line between Trap and traditional Hip-Hop has made him one to watch for fans across the Rap landscape. Cordae Dunston’s highly-lauded debut, The Lost Boy, was released in late July, and the rapper/singer has continued to drop singles and videos to support the effort since it dropped.

“Thanksgiving” is the latest visual off his first solo album, and with only a couple days until the holiday, it’s the perfect time to drop this vid’. The beat by CoopTheTruth and Kid Culture is powered by chopped-up piano and dense hi-hats. Over the laid back production, Cordae kicks lyrics that address developing relationships by conveying how bringing a new partner home for the holidays can be a risky proposition.

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The footage here enacts much of what is being said in the three verses. From grandma cooking the annual feast to the family gathered in a den, to a young couple in a pick-up truck on their way to Thanksgiving dinner. The woman is meeting the man’s family for the first time. The plot echoes the songwriting.

As dope as the verses are, it’s the infectious hook that makes this song so catchy. Big Play Cordae sings, “Mac and cheese up in the oven, grandma finished cooking / Thanksgiving ‘round the corner, need banana pudding / Brought you home to mama, even though you said I shouldn’t / Might not make it to Christmas, but I’m hoping and I’m pushing / For a better day / A good day in the making, but you never stay / I could say that you faking on the real / Why you faking on the real?”

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Several songs from The Lost Boy are presently included on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.