Masta Ace & Marco Polo Add Some New Material To 1 Of 2018’s Best Albums (Video)

One year ago this week, Ambrosia For Heads declared Masta Ace & Marco Polo’s A Breukelen Story one of the Top Albums Of 2018. Through intertwining Polo’s story of moving from Ontario, Canada to Brooklyn with Masta Ace’s reflection of a borough then and now made for a smooth, compelling, and evocative listen. Fat Beats Records continues to spread love—”the Brooklyn way”—through releasing the deluxe edition of A Breukelen Story. It consists of four new album cuts (two are unreleased in any form) along with instrumentals and they are now dropping a new music video for one of those fresh tracks.

The track “Masta Polo” is the pure definition of why Ace (who celebrated his birthday last week) is often revered as one of the top wordsmiths. This becomes well accomplished with the help of Marco Polo’s boom-bap styled production that has served Hip-Hop well since the early 2000s. The duo displays a smooth trip with bars filled with wisdom and beats that are laced with history that is elegant but equally hard-hitting.

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Directed by Shy The BeatYoda, “Masta Polo” is set in Toronto, Ontario on a sunny afternoon in July where Ace and Polo are headlining The Bastids BBQ with the likes of Kid Capri, Greg Nice, Da Odd Couple, and Skratch Bastid himself. The video gives the audience a glimpse of what it would be like to accompany the duo on the road. Even though the luminous visual connects perfectly with the radiance that is showcased through the Marco Polo production. Ace’s lyrics give the listener an in-depth description of the pros and cons when it comes to being in the rap game as well as dropping gems on ways to stay relevant after so many years without missing a step.

Ace starts off the first verse with, “Y’all can’t write how I write / This be the best part of the game / This is a highlight / There’s so many stars in the twilight / So many birds in the flock / Very few of them fly right / Everybody looking for limelight / Everybody try’na win / In this game try’na to find a friend / Well good luck in this cut-throat world / Dirty rappers wanna touch your girl / They wanna run up in your crib and eat your food / Kick their boots up and threat y’all rude / Dude / This is how you gotta think on the brink of survival mode / Watch your back: that’s the rival code.”

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The original version of A Breukelen Story had four previous music videos and singles released, including Smif-n-Wessun- assisted “Brooklyn,” “Fight Song,” featuring Pharoahe Monch, the album’s opening track “Kings,” and the Brownsville inspired “Get Shot.” The remixed version of “Sunken Place” was the first to be released off the deluxe edition, which is set to drop tomorrow (December 13, 2019) with four all-new tracks and instrumentals. You can pre-order here.

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