Rapper Thirstin Howl The 3rd Gives Polo & Ralph Lauren A New Kind Of Boost

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While Thirstin Howl The 3rd is a respected veteran MC, some of his greatest recognition has come through the world of fashion. The Brooklyn native is a co-founder of The Lo-Lifes, a notorious New York City boosting crew that started in the late 1980s. The squad raided stores of Ralph Lauren Polo pieces, earning them the name. With names like Rack Lo and Master Fuol, The Lo-Lives also extended into Hip-Hop. Thirstin worked with Eminem, The High & Mighty, and Sadat X.

In the last 30 years, Thirstin Howl The 3rd has gone from shop-lifting legend to Polo historian. He appeared in Sacha Jenkins’ CNN documentary on Hip-Hop fashion, Fresh Dressed. Howl and photographer Tom Gould released a coffee table book titled Bury Me With The Lo On in 2017 that documented the Lo-Life movement. Then, just last month, he was featured in HBO’s Ralph Lauren documentary, Very Ralph.

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However, the depth of the relationship between the coveted fashion brand and the Brownsville, Brooklyn rapper only became apparent this week when it was revealed that Big Vic Lo is the model in a photo ad for the company’s Five Horsemen Rugby. The garment was available exclusively on the Polo App, and sold out in less than a day. “The Polo-Rican” also let slip that he is working on another project with Polo that will drop in 2020. This association between the respected clothier and Hip-Hop style icon just goes to show the kind of impact that Hip-Hop has had on haute couture.


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I never took a vacation my 25 years as a hard working artist.. Still no vacation untill all goals are reached.. Thanks to everyone for the love and support.. ・・・ They say “lighting never strikes twice,” but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to our man @thirstinhowlthe3rd In a matter of weeks, he not only appeared in Ralph Lauren’s official HBO doc, but also appeared in a major photo ad/promo for the Polo Five Horsemen Rugby that dropped — and sold out! — today exclusively on the Polo app. Thirst’s RL trifecta will be realized in 2020 with another significant Polo project, as well as another major media milestone of his own. Gucci and @dapperdanharlem ; MCM and @misahylton and Polo and @thirstinhowlthe3rd – this ain’t no fluke, folks! This is the power of Black & Brown – and this is the power of urban/Hip-Hop culture. Let’s take this time to salute Thirstin, for once again, blazing new trails; pushing this thing of ours forward; and for bringing these hard earned victories and opportunities back to the people and culture he loves. #LoveAndLoyalty 🏆✊🏼⚡️🇵🇷⚡️ Photo: @poloralphlauren #polorican #thirstinhowlthe3rd #brownsville #brooklyn #thepolobar #thepolobarnyc #ralphlauren #ralphlaurenpolo #ny #nystyle #newyorkstateofmind #polostyle #urbanfashion #photoshoot #fashion #photography #lolifes #burymewiththeloon #dowhatyoulove #hardworkpays

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Thankfully for Heads, all this Lo business has not slowed his music output. In 2019 he gave fans a joint mixtape with Sadat X titled The God and The General, including the video single “Eat These Bars.” Both projects were mixed by onetime Blahzay Blahzay member PF Cuttin.

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#BonusBeat: A Mass Appeal-produced video on Thirstin’s naming various Polo pieces: