DJ Muggs Is Cosigning A New Class Of MCs. Tha God Fahim Is 1 Of His Favorites (Video)

Since 2017, DJ Muggs has been dropping joint albums with the who’s who of a new generation of underground MCs. The Cypress Hill co-founder has taken it upon himself to put a spotlight on the current renaissance of Hip-Hop players. His Soul Assassins albums with Eto, CRIMEAPPLE, Mach-Hommy, and Tha God Fahim have not only given these young talents a major co-sign, but have also reinvigorated the Cypress Hill producer. He recently spoke at length about this inspired resurgence, which also includes new Muggs albums as well as full-length collaborative work with Roc Marciano and Meyhem Lauren.

In 2019 Muggs released an LP with the highly touted lyricist Mach-Hommy, Tuez-Les Tous, as well as Kill ‘Em All. Mach’s regular partner-in-crime Tha God Fahim appeared on multiple tracks on both projects. In fact, he graces half of the tracks on Kill ‘Em All. So, it wasn’t surprising when Muggs ended the year with a collaborative effort with the Dump Gawd himself, Dump Assassins. The 10-song Soul Assassins offering proved that while the OG DJ/producer can tailor-make beats for any rapper, he has a certain chemistry with the capo of Dump Mafia.

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To start off the new year, Fahim and Nature Sounds just announced a partnership that will see the MC/producer drop an album titled Lost Kingz (January 31) with the veteran imprint (Pete Rock, J Dilla, Blu). The lead single “Iron Fist” reunites the Dark Shogun with Muggs, who even appears in the video.

Muggs supplies Tha God with a slow creeping joint that pairs a heavily-filtered piano sample with strings. The prolific versifier goes in right off the top, “Give me the word and I’m with it / Word on the streets, they tell you I’m all in it / Pay by the minute / Make dollar signs off run on sentence / Weigh up the digits / The crime rate’s getting tremendous / It’s ‘f*ck a gimmick’/ My mind stays fully submitted / I’m taking orders in chronological order / My higher aura filters out idiotic distorters / High-soarers / Star limits, aiming high with my bright gift / Price shifts / When I write rhymes tighter than a vice grip / Every day is a celebration, so I might sip / Throw $500 to the way just on the light tip / Front on the number 7 and the pipe lift / I’m guaranteed to make the sale with the right pitch.”

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Fahim’s unhurried cadence makes his elaborate wordplay easy to understand and digest. Last year’s collaborative Dump Assassins features Mach, Your Old Droog, and Vinnie Paz. Both Paz and Mach-Hommy are confirmed guests for Lost Kingz as well.