Drake Releases 2 Songs That Pay Respect To JAY-Z & Eminem (Video)

Following this year’s “Life Is Good” collaboration with Future (embedded below), Drake releases his first solo music of 2020. It comes in the form of two songs, bridged together for one video.

“When To Say When” follows recent footage of Drizzy rapping outside of Brooklyn’s Marcy Houses, the onetime home to JAY-Z, as well as Memphis Bleek, Jaz-O, and others. In the closing week of 2019, Drake let the Rap Radar Podcast know that things are good between he and Jay. The two artists have collaborative history dating back to the breakthrough season of Drake’s Rap career. However, both artists are neither stranger to complicated relationships, nor checking loved ones on the mic. Each MC has sent jabs to the other. However, while some Heads wondered why a Toronto superstar would be in Brooklyn, the song makes it clear.

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Drake and his team use the same sample as Jay’s Blueprint video single “Song Cry.” Like Shawn Carter, Aubrey Graham is reflective through his boasting. “Ay, 33 years, I gave that to the game / Thirty-three mil, I save that for the rain / Five hundred weeks, I fill the charts with my pain/ Five hundred mil and I fall back in the 6 / Finally give you ni**as the space you need to exist / Michael Jackson sh*t, but the palace is not for kids,” he begins, letting lesser Rap peers know he controls their success levels.

Drake continues with the wordplay, which feels modeled after the Jay blueprint. “You just need to stay close to your people / That was there when others could’ve been / Then when others should’ve been / Got a ni**a starin’ at the game like, ‘Damn coach, put him in’ / But you never listen, so you ni**as going wood again / Got us in the crib, talkin’ ’bout what ni**as coulda been, shoulda been / And I got your girl on the second floor, beggin’ me to put it in / And it’s not because all of the money that you wouldn’t spend / And it’s not because I set it up to try and get revenge / It’s because you ni**as insecure, you ain’t made men / It’s because, even though you hate on me, we stay friends / It’s because you ni**as never learn when to say when.

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On “Chicago Freestyle,” which features several city landmarks, Drake touts, “But I do know one thing though / Women they come they go Saturday, through Sunday, Monday Monday through Sunday, yo / Maybe I’ll love you one day / Maybe we’ll someday grow / ‘Til then I’ll sit my drunk ass on that runway / On this one way.” Those particular lyrics flip an excerpt from Eminem’s 2002 vid’ single, “Superman.”

Drake and Em worked together on “Forever” over a decade ago.

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#BonusBeat: Drake & Future’s “Life Is Good” music video: