Lauryn Hill Gave Nas Her Best Verse In 20 Years

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On It Was Written, Nas and Lauryn Hill came together for a highlight collaboration with “If I Ruled The World (Imagine That).” Two of Columbia/Sony Records stars at the time made a song that showcased Nasir Jones’ knack for accessible concepts with Hill’s immaculate singing voice. However, despite her many standout raps on The Fugees’ The Score, released just a few months prior, L-Boogie did not spit.

Lauryn Hill Responds To Her Critics In A MAJOR Way. This Is A Re-Education.

On the pair’s latest collaboration, “Nobody,” from the just released King’s Disease II album, Ms. Lauryn Hill raps her best verse in two decades and has plenty to say. Like “If I Ruled The World,” this songs deals with a speculative concept. Jones and Hill imagine a place where they are invisible to celebrity, where both could simply blend in with the crowd. Nas remembers fans and star seekers finding him in Long Island and Los Angeles, and says he wants something more remote. The MC empathizes with Dave Chappelle’s time in Ghana, where the superstar comedian was not hounded for his time and image. Along the way, he admits frustration with a connected world.

At the third verse, Ms. Lauryn Hill may steal the show, with a rare address to the way she’s chosen to live her life. In perfect pocket with Hit-Boy tempo, the New Jersey veteran throws substance from the top: “All my time has been focused on my freedom now / Why would I join ’em when I know that I can beat ’em now? / They put their words on me, and they can eat ’em now / That’s probably why they keep on tellin’ me I’m needed now / They tried to box me out while takin’ what they want from me / I spent too many years living too uncomfortably / Making room for people who didn’t like the labor / Or wanted the spoils, greedy, selfish behavior / Now let me give it to you balanced and with clarity / I don’t need to turn myself into a parody / I don’t do the sh*t I do for popularity.” In the next set of bars, Hill addresses her reputation for keeping fans waiting and being outspoken in situations. “They clearly didn’t understand when I said I Get Out’ apparently / My awareness like Keanu in The Matrix / I’m savin’ souls and y’all complainin’ ’bout my lateness / Now it’s illegal for someone to walk in greatness / They want the same shh, but they don’t take risks / Now the world will get to see it’s own reflection / And the anointed can pursue their own direction / And if you’re wrong and you’re too proud to hear correction / Walk into the hole you dug yourself, f*ck a projection / See me in my freedom taking all my land back / They sent a lot against me, thinking I’d just stand back / I got my legs beneath me, I got my hands back / A lot of people sabotaged, they couldn’t stand that / I turned the other cheek, I took blow after blow / There’s so much crisis in the world ’cause you reap what you sow.” She closes with conviction and wisdom: “When you keep what you know is meant for someone else / The ditch you dig for them, you might just end up in yourself / I’m in the secret place, I keep a sacred space / They keep showin’ their hands, but keep hidin’ their face / If I’m a messenger, you block me then you block the message / So aggressive, the world you made is what you’re left with / Pride and ego over love and truth is f*cking reckless / Y’all ni**as got a death wish, the stupid leaves me breathless.

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Lauryn’s verse stands up for herself, speaks about uplifting herself and others, and lets everyone know that fame has never been her motivator.

King’s Disease II also features EPMD, Eminem, and Charlie Wilson, among others.

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