Bone Thugs-n-Harmony & Three 6 Mafia Clash With Fight During Verzuz

Moments ago, tonight’s (December 2) Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Verzuz Three 6 Mafia battle was abruptly halted for a period after an altercation took place between the two Midwest groups. After approximately three rounds of music, Bizzy Bone addressed his opponents. The on-again, off-again member told Juicy J, DJ Paul, Gangsta Boo, and Crunchy Black that he refused to be mocked for his performance. “Yo. Before we even get started you ugly muthaf*ckas ain’t finna to be mocking me while I’m on mothaf*ckin’ stage—like straight the f*ck up…” he began. During the brief rant, Juicy J told the Ohio MC, “N*gga, suck my d* k.”

A charged-up Bizzy appeared to respond to the words by throwing a water bottle at Three 6. Juicy J charged across the stage, and appeared to throw at least one punch. In doing so, he broke through the yellow caution tape that joined a tombstone as part of Bone Thugs’ props. As the two crews collided in a brawl, Gangsta Boo dissed Bizzy, “Bizzy Bone, you a hater. You must not have taken your pills.” Security charged onto the stage, along with management, to separate the crews. Members of Three 6 asked on mics, “Why y’all do this? You know you were losing.” Others clown Bizzy’s inconsistent status with the Grammy Award-winning group.

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The online broadcast went to black, with audio capturing some additional argument between the crews. After less than 10 minutes, the battle Verzuz without Bizzy Bone on stage. Frustrated, the remaining Bone Thugs participants appeared to discuss Bizzy’s estranged status with the group; with another person reminding fans that they are still a family. Three 6 relaunched with “Azz N’ T*tties.” DJ Paul pointed out that those two things are common interests across the crews. Bone Thugs responded with Set It Off soundtrack classic “Days Of Our Livez.” Then, Layzie Bone and Juicy J took a moment together on stage as a gesture of peace. Later, Bizzy returned, wearing a hat and shades. “I want to apologize to everybody out there, on both sides. I’m not trying to f*ck this [Verzuz] sh*t up. Pardon me,” the MC told the fans and participants.

Moments after the Verzuz ended, Bizzy posted an additional statement on Instagram, apologizing to each Three 6 member, Swizz Beatz, and others. “When I got back on stage I meant what I said. I really hope you guys understand my passion for music and my seriousness about GOD. I really believe in what I say. I’m an artist. I came back because I know a lot of people depended on me. It was not scripted but it ended perfect. A toast to Hip-Hop. Sh*t gets a lil’ crazy sometimes.” In @’ing his opponents, he said, “Hopefully, I gave you enough hell to know what heaven can be like. You guys did a heck of a job and embracing me after that took class as well. This is real. I am real. God bless you all.”

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Like past Verzuz competitors Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy, these two crews have a history of tensions. “It wasn’t a real beef,” DJ Paul told Justin Hunte in 2015, then of HipHopDX. “It was more of a misunderstanding because we was rapping about triple six, devil sh*t, and tongue-twisting over slow beats. We had been doing that since 1989 and then all of a sudden when Bone came out—I think it was 1993… We didn’t know the Faces Of Death album because it was their underground stuff. Just like they probably didn’t know our underground stuff. When they came out with ‘Thuggish Ruggish Bone’ and all of that stuff and we hear somebody kind of on our same style: Faces Of Death, redrum, murder, 6-6-6, tongue twisting. We were like, ‘Damn these dudes done stole our style!’ [Laughs] That’s why we got mad about it. We ran into each other a couple of times and there was a push or something. But there was never no fight or nothing like that.” DJ Paul told Vlad TV in 2017 that he believes there were subliminal disses on wax between the two crews (see: “Live By Yo Rep”) and  who were both distributed by Relativity Records for a time.

Like Bone’s on-again, off-again status with Bizzy, Three 6 Mafia has endured internal issues, as recently as 2018. Perhaps 2021 took things to a boiling point. However, the two crews are doing their best to send a prevailing message.

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