Kevin Hart Tastes Wine That Smells Like Shhh…

Kevin Hart has enjoyed a dynamic career, and his new seven-episode series True Story is among the comedian/actor’s proudest works. As a guest on the new interview show Through The Grapevine, Hart explains why he feels strongly about the dramatic Netflix series which costars Wesley Snipes and Lauren London, and is set in Hart’s native Philadelphia.

In discussing True Story and true stories from his life and career with renowned sommelier André Hueston Mack, Hart blindly tastes five red wines. They span in value from less than $10 to as high as $400. Hart is given five cards: “affordable option,” “daily dose,” “nice gift,” “special occasion,” and “luxury life” and asked to guess which pour corresponds with each price category.

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As he goes through the random samplings (each bottle is covered in a red bag), Kevin Hart and André Mack discuss each wine without restraint. Hart claims Adega de Penalva, Dão Indigena Tinto smells like “absolute sh*t” while celebrating the merits of the widespread Sherrah, McLaren Vale Shiraz 2019. Notably, Mack and Hart both point out that the most expensive bottle has hints of cow manure. Despite this not-so-subtle note, both men champion the Tuscan vino after taking sips. So if you don’t want to taste unpleasant wine like they did, you can always ask someone who has a deep knowledge about wine.

Along the way, Hart sprinkles comedy into his analysis. He compares one wine to a Home Depot Aisle 7; Mack encourages the observation, pointing out oak notes in the pour. Kevin opens up about his days working in Atlantic City male strip club Sweet Cheeks as a comedian and the lessons learned from working the crowd. The avid sneaker Head also recalls selling shoes and the art of presenting and pitching products to potential customers.

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Kevin Hart switches between sounding new to wine and casually demonstrating strong familiarity. While he jests at being new to the term “sommelier” and copying many of the observations of his host and drinking partner, Hart later reveals he has followed those in the trade. Kevin adds that his home estate includes a former vineyard with 800 bottles barreled. Kevin admits that he has no intention of selling the wine but was drawn to resurrecting a former passion of the previous owners. He also discusses why the ’19 Shiraz is so accessible for its labeling, price, and great taste.

The newly-launched Through The Grapevine ends with a tally of Hart’s score among the five bottles. While he does not get a perfect score (worthy of the “golden cork”), Hart can certainly add wine to his list of hobbies, which includes film production, sneakers, and vintage muscle cars. The unique interview also features jewels about why Kevin Hart still eats chicken amid a primarily plant-based diet, and a discussion of movies from his filmography that he holds dear.

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Kevin Hart’s True Story, which he also executive produced, is now on Netflix.