Snoop & Big K.R.I.T. Unite On A DJ Premier Production

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Hours ago, Russ released CHOMP 2. The Secaucus, New Jersey native MC/singer/producer has fast become a shining example of independent success in Rap. After finding platinum success with Columbia Records in 2017, the artist has maintained his plaques in a DIY operation. In late 2020, Russ dropped a five-song EP, CHOMP, that celebrated the triple-threat’s love of hardcore Hip-Hop, including involvement from DJ Premier, Busta Rhymes, Black Thought, KXNG Crooked, and others. CHOMP 2 maintains that theme and direction, with the song “Free” shining as a strong example. Russ welcomes Snoop Dogg and Big K.R.I.T. to his set, with trademark DJ Premier production.

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This beat from Preemo made me feel reborn, come on / I used to light myself on fire just keep your warm / And regardless if my ego feels completely torn / I’m ghost if it don’t move my spirit like a Ouija board / I see rewards come after battles with fear / They try to f*ck up how I see myself, they rattle my mirror,” begins Russ. The passage is one of many where the indie artist confronts his haters. He then praises another one of the song’s guests. “The only L I ever took is when Snoop handed me one / That was my first producer placement too / Shout-out Snoop / On a album called I Wanna Thank Me, ain’t that the truth? / F*ck the rules of the industry, I’m foulin’ out / I turned every single dead-end to a roundabout, found a route / Bumpin’ Cudi, thought that I was down and out / Free myself now I’m up, up and away without a doubt.” K.R.I.T. also raps about his label freedom and taking the harder path to success. “I’m cut from a different cloth, must I pay a different cost? / Them dark roads of cities but flashin’ lights was a different lost / No Southern recipe they left for me was a different sauce / To eat on until they un-season the love and be gone / F*ck dappin’ chromes and shakin’ hands with haters / I’d rather free solo the highs then lows of life.” Snoop plays clean-up, with one of his best verses in recent memory. “I’ve been in this game so long ’cause my game so long / Got them suckers off my timeline, I waited so long / Savin’ money my whole lifetime if things go wrong / Keep my heater close to me until the danger gone / Danger zone is where I’m from, bangin’ on them 2-1 / Eastside resident with a gift so Heaven-sent / Uplift my prevalence, I leave no evidence / Blue Chucks on the fences, it’s the last you see / No master degree but I mastered the degree and made sh*t for me / I hustle for my paper and I do that accurately / Rap to the beat like Mozart, I’m classic on tracks / Matter of fact, I’m the modern day Hathaway / I don’t play, get out the way, I was your favorite back in the day / Still the flavor to this moment in time, f*ckin’ the game / Money and fame, my focus on mine to keep it in range / Severed the ties of people complainin’, I’m back on the rise.

Krizzle guested on DJ Premier and Royce 5’9’s PRhyme 2, while Snoop has worked with Premier for nearly 25 years, dating back to Jermaine Dupri’s 1998 “Protectors Of The 1472.” The first Preemo link-up with Russ was the first CHOMP‘s “Inside Job” last year.

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