Method Man Says More In 2 Minutes Than Many Rappers Can With Albums

Method Man kicks off 2022 with an impressive two verses found in a new music video, “The Last Two Minutes.” The late 2021 single is the first look from the upcoming Meth Lab 3: The Rehab compilation. An avid fan of Battle Rap, Meth’ involves competitor Iron Mic on a short set of bars. However, it’s Iron Lung that steals the show in display, which was filmed in a cozy lounge alongside Meth’s entourage.

In the first verse, M-E-T-H kicks game with compound bars: “All that pretty ain’t really us, what’s really up? / And what is trustworthy if you ain’t worthy to really trust? / This hook’s to drop ’em, this uppercut is to lift ’em up / I pop, and that’s apparent, now call his parents to pick him up / What’s all this switchin’ up? / Changin’ faces and nip-tucks?” He continues, “To these rappers, I’m big-bruh / Been trying to fight the power like big Chuck / I’m trying to tell these cowards they get touched / Tryin’ to rush ours like Chris Tuck.‘”

Method Man & Redman Reunite To Show Hip-Hop Is Alright

Method Man later closes down the verse after a small feature from Mic. “I said what I said, and I said what I mean / Eff that, period, bed look like a crime scene / Too many red-eye flights, I need some Visine.” Moments later, he adds, “This is love and Hip-Hop, but y’all here for the fight scenes / Ice queens, whatever, I charge ’em extra for ice creams / Bong, no Cheech & Chong, just a bong of nice dreams / My time means money like Audemars and Breitling / You pay the cost but don’t even know what the price means / Go harder for the limelight, don’t even know if the light green / Red light, beam, this ain’t even as hard as it might seem / But it’s harder than rappers tryin’ to fit into them tight jeans.

Heltah Skeltah/Boot Camp Clik’s Rockness Monsta appears in the video themed after a heist raid. Back in 2017, Meth’ featured on Rock’s Rockness A.P. album on “Camp Wu.”

Redman & Method Man Are Making Blackout 3

In addition to confirming a Blackout 3 with Redman, Meth (and Red) reunited with Def Jam Records to make a Snoop Dogg-curated song (currently on the Ambrosia For Heads playlist) in 2021. Iron Lung also linked with Busta Rhymes and Griselda to pay tribute to DMX at the BET Awards.

#BonusBeat: An in-depth AFH interview with Method Man, where he discusses the first Meth Lab: