Tension Is Brewing Between Benny The Butcher & Freddie Gibbs

UPDATE: Hours after the story published, Freddie Gibbs took to Instagram stories to take some apparent more jabs at Benny The Butcher. “Ni**az’ marketing plan for they whole album is to beef with Freddie Gibbs. That’s cute,” he wrote, with love and laughing emojis. Then Gibbs seems to suggest that Benny ought to be grateful, having previously opened up for Freddie on tour.

Gibbs then asked, “Why would I beg a ni**a to work with me when he do less than me?” He took a jab at Benny for his yet-to-be-released Drake collaboration. “Next time, just get the Drake verse cleared and you ain’t gotta do all this for promo.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher have become esteemed collaborators in recent years. The Black Soprano Family founder guested on Gibbs and Alchemist’s 2020 Grammy-nominated Alfredo, appearing on the video single “Frank Lucas.” Later that year, Freddie featured on “One Way Flight” from Benny and Hit-Boy’s Burden Of Proofthe most streamed song on Spotify from that album. In 2021, both MCs guested on Bobby Sessions’ “Gold Rolex.”

However, despite mutual close ties to Alchemist and sharing EMPIRE distribution for their respective labels, Gibbs and Benny now appear to be at odds.

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Appearing on a recent episode of Spotify’s Most Necessary: Live, Benny made an apparent dismissive remark to his collaborations with Freddie Gibbs. “Working with Freddie Gibbs came and went, to be honest with you,” Spotify Greenroom’s Twitter shared the pull-quote on March 24, including: “It’s all love.”

Gibbs saw the tweet and responded the same day. “Came and went lol.” The Gary, Indiana native then elaborated on Instagram. “Ni**a said, ‘Working with Freddie Gibbs came and went. I know some other sh*t that came and went too, ni**a … Just keep my name out y’all mouth, man, when y’all talking to people who are doing interviews and sh*t. Just say ‘Next question, man. I don’t want to talk about that ni**a, man.’ Just say, ‘Next mothaf*ckin’ question.’ For real.”


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Gibbs’ remarks may be alluding to his opinion surrounding Benny’s buzz, or his recently-released Tana Talk 4 album, which reached #22 on the charts. That LP is produced by Gibbs affiliate Alchemist, as well as Daringer and Beat Butcha.

Brian “B.Dot” Miller, whose interview with Benny is where the quotes originated, commented on Instagram. “I don’t like this. Let’s reunite the band.” Since March 24, both rappers have tweeted statements that may be in reference to the issue, but it is unclear.

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HipHopDX‘s Andy Bustard points out that in September of 2021, Freddie Gibbs tweeted a remark that may have been about Benny being shot after an attempted robbery. That incident took place in late 2020. “It be hard for me to listen to ni**az after they got robbed.” months prior, Benny got shot in the leg during a robbery attempt in Houston.

Weeks after Gibbs’ tweet, Benny posted crying face emojis the same day it was alleged that Gibbs had a Miami, Florida steakhouse altercation with Jim Jones and his entourage. Like Benny and Gibbs, Jim Jones houses his label through EMPIRE.

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Previously, Westside Gunn questioned Gibbs’ manager Ben “Lambo” Lambert after a tweeted celebrated Freddie’s (and Madlib’s) Bandana and Alfredo run in the same year. Gunn mentioned his support of Gibbs, and reminded fans that the veteran is featured on his solo material.

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