Big Daddy Kane Says Busta Rhymes Has The Best Flow In Hip-Hop

In late 2021, Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One held a Verzuz battle for the ages. Two of the most influential and respected MCs in Hip-Hop history squared off and made for an epic night that still prompts debate. However, in a recent event, Big Daddy Kane used the spotlight to credit another MC: Busta Rhymes.

In an Instagram video shared by AllHipHop (embedded below), King Asiatic stands beside Bussa Bus. He says, “Hands down, the greatest flow in Hip-Hop,” begins Kane, patting Busta Rhymes—who reacts with delight with “Oh, man.” Kane continues, and provides receipts: “And anybody who wants to dispute me on this: this is what I want you to do: listen to the original version of ‘Turn It Up’ (also embedded below) from this man. Listen to the original version with the Al Green sample. I did [that], three times. Count it: this dude switched his flow seven times on one song. [I] f*ck with that; nobody’s doing that.”


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“Turn It Up” was a single from 1997’s When Disaster Strikes… album, Busta’s second solo affair. The self-produced song sampling Al Green’s “Love and Happiness” (which B.R. mentions in the song) was remixed as a single, “Fire It Up,” sampling the theme from Knight Rider.

Notably, early in Busta’s career, Big Daddy Kane gave him a feature opportunity alongside Native Tongues brother Q-Tip on 1991’s Prince Of Darkness on “Come On Down.”

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Kane attended an event called the Katastic Dinner, hosted by Busta and Grady Spivey when he made the remarks.

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