Pete Rock Blasts Diddy For Disrespecting His Name

Two of Hip-Hop’s most significant Mount Vernon, New York representatives are Pete Rock and Diddy—along with Heavy D & The Boyz. Both artists worked closely with Heavy, who is Pete’s cousin to give “money-earnin’ Mount Vernon” its recognition through music. Years after they cemented the city, there are also ongoing frustrations between these living legends.

On Sunday night (June 26), Sean “Diddy” Combs took home the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2022 BET Awards. In his acceptance speech, Puffy thanked names ranging from late executive Andre Harrell and the mother of his children, Kim Porter, to the aforementioned Heavy D, and Biggie Smalls. Diddy also thanked Bobby Brown, whom he called “The first Chocolate Boy Wonder.”

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Pete Rock, who has long used that same “Chocolate Boy Wonder” moniker, took umbrage with the claim. He argues that the snub is even more profound than it may seem.

“Erasure is a real thing,” began an Instagram post Monday, June 27 (embedded below, on a restricted account). The image included a fan pointing out that Pete is the real “Chocolate Boy Wonder.” In the post, P.R. added his two cents. “We doing this to each other now?” He called out BET and Billboard in the post as well, asserting “You know better than this; knock this off!” Pete then seemingly brought receipts. “You are from 77 dell ave Mt.Vernon NY.” He added, “I know everything about you, but I wouldn’t call myself ‘Puff Daddy,’ when I’m the real Chocolate Boy Wunda [sic], boss. You kinda came outta nowhere. Been in Mt. Vernon since the first grade all the way to graduating high school.” The co-founder of Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth added, “I came up with the town.”

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Pete then took it further on the complicated history between him and Puff. “My brother Grap Luva taught you dance steps in your garage on Dell Avenue,” Pete said of his sibling and InI member. “I touch drum machines and make the beats for real. You can’t erase what I have done in music or try to take my name,” he added with an lol. “Everyone in Hip-Hop knows who the Chocolate Boy Wunda is. You brought Biggie to the basement only to diss me later and not use me on any of his projects. You cut me out the ‘One More Chance’ video when B.I.G. himself invited me. You got to where you wanted to be then sh*tted.”

Pete Rock is referring to demo recordings made in his famed studio basement. Biggie’s 1994 “Juicy (Remix),” which appeared on the Bad Boy Records 12″ single, was reportedly the original version of the song. Pete’s version also sampled Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit,” according to his account during a 2017 episode of Drink Champs alongside DJ Premier. However, Puff Daddy’s version became the hit single appearing on Ready To Die. That same album included “One More Chance,” a video that Pete Rock says he appeared in, but did not make the final cut. In 2016, Pete Rock told Doggie Diamonds that Puff Daddy once said to him, in a Bad Boy Records elevator, that he learned the art of adlibs from the Soul Brother. In that same interview, Pete asserted himself as the true pioneer behind the modern-day remix.

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“My gift is from GOD the Almighty, Mister Puffy SMH; I made those hits for real,” Pete’s post continues. “There is no comparison, dude. I been here before you. Don’t let me go in on you ’cause it’s a lot there. Just knock it off with the Choc-Boy-Wunda sh*t, man. I’m flattered though, bruh, but you wanted my attention, I guess, okay, now you got it. Now use your own names. You got a few of ’em, ni**a. P Diddy, Puff Daddy, and that Brother Love sh*t.” He argued that he did not wish for this conflict. “I’m minding my business and doing what I gotta do for the culture of Hip-Hop music. I’m still here by the grace of God.”


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Earlier this year, Pete Rock self-released his Petestrumentals 4 album on his own Tru Soul Records. He has worked with AZ, Papoose, and another Mount Vernon MC, AMXXR. They recently collaborated for 21 Grams: Worth Its Weight In Soul. Earlier this year, the legendary producer/DJ/MC made headlines when he alleged that he was not paid for his contributions to another classic 1994 album, Nas’ Illmatic.

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