Redman Explains Why He Used To Keep A Tissue In His Nose

Redman is known for keeping it real. The New Jersey veteran MC/producer/DJ had a moment over 20 years with arguably the most memorable MTV Cribs episode. Reggie Noble invited audiences into his modest Staten Island, New York home—complete with a box of dollar bills, fish sticks in the freezer, and a cousin sleeping on his floor. More recently, Funk Doc revealed that he has been volunteering at major music festivals, sometimes transporting peers to and from the stage in golf carts.

Appearing on The People’s Party podcast with Talib Kweli and Jasmine Leigh, Redman spoke about that same approach when it comes to one of his actual props. Jasmine asks Redman about the nose tissue, including on a November 1994 cover of The Source magazine. “I need a tissue in my nose right now,” began the Def Squad MC when asked about the history at 1:08:30. He elaborated, “Even though I didn’t understand what being transparent was about in those days, I wanted the world to see my talent and my ugliness. I have very f*cking bad allergies, and I don’t know [any] more, but I still do have an allergy.”

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There was a real reason that Red’ reached for the Kleenex. “In the day, I had bad allergies. And everyone knows if you have allergies and your nose is running, you stick a tissue in your nose so you don’t have to breathe out of it. And then, for some reason, [your allergies] clear up after a while from having a tissue in your nose. I could’ve not had the tissue in my nose when I took the [photo]—I could’ve not portrayed that. But I was always like a fun dude. I wanna be fun; I want people to know my faults as well as my greatness.” Redman actually likened the prop to his MTV Cribs appearance. “That was that kind of same balance.”

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At a bigger glance, Redman uses the moment to stress that he enjoys being down-to-earth and authentic. “It’s a pain in the f*cking balls trying to be on-point and look good.” He points out that he does not need to pay for guards around him. “I would not trade how I move—just being able to get up with my kids and just go to the mall with no security.” Red’ adds that he receives the “same love” as his Rap peers who require security and must put on airs. The Gilla House founder adds that Talib Kweli can relate. “You would not trade that freedom of your success for being able to tap-in, for anyone.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Redman speaks about his show, Dab Roast, his fitness regimen, and the whereabouts of his cousin.

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#BonusBeat: New music from Redman, alongside Method Man and KRS-One, is currently on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist: