Lil Wayne Shows Why He Is Still 1 Of The Best Rappers Alive

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Following Lil Wayne’s Grammy Awards performance alongside DJ Khaled, JAY-Z, Rick Ross, John Legend, and Fridayy, the Young Money founder steps forth with one of his most exciting solo songs in some time. “Kant Nobody” is the latest collaboration between Weezy and Swizz Beatz. Over 20 years after the artists first worked together on Birdman’s solo debut, following handfuls of hits, they follow up their chemistry on a song featuring a posthumous DMX appearance.

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The song begins with an excerpt of X talking hyper-confidently. Then, Wayne starts rhyming alongside his late collaborator from the famed 2000 Ruff Ryder & Cash Money Records Tour. “Sometimes I smile to hide the miles of my road traveled / Shake my hand, it felt like you just touched a stove handle / Holy cow, f*ck the cow, I want the whole cattle / Gucci buffs on my eyes, look like solar panels / Leavin’ b*tches on they own like the Oprah channel,” he begins. Like that passage, the song blends top-notch Wayne wordplay with some flashes of personal depth. It is reminiscent of Wayne’s mid-2000s mixtape run. Wayne is not bashful of his status, reminding all that he fancies himself as the best. “Best rapper, ex-trapper, dress dapper/ Swizzy gave me a head-banger, a neck-snapper/ X-factor, make a rapper an example / All I need is a beat with a DMX sample,” he touts at the hook. That very sample comes from 1998’s “Ni**az Done Started Something” from X’s debut, It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot. That Dame Grease-produced song originally featured Ma$e and The LOX—who Wayne made “Gotti” with in 2014.

Wayne’s second verse is a true standout. “Say it with your chest, mama, say less, mama / Weezy F and the F is for F-bomber / Yes, mama, I’ma eat you like Jeff Dahmer / Say she on her period, let’s make a mess, mama / Don’t be on all of that, ‘yeah, that’s my twin’ sh*t, alright? / Don’t hit my phone with all that ‘I’m just tappin’ in’ sh*t, alright? / F*ck that friend sh*t, alright, I’m on my zen sh*t, alright? / I’m on that DMT, I ain’t on that DM sh*t, alright? /Tryna get a B, right now I’m on my M sh*t, alright? / I’m just Weezy-Wee, on my ‘excuse my French’ sh*t, alright? / F*ck that b*tch, sh*t, alright? / Red beam on a Nina, she wore lipstick tonight.

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In 2018, Swizz produced Lil Wayne’s “Uproar.” Tha Carter V highlight is now certified double platinum.

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