New Unreleased Footage Shows Tupac Hours Before He Was Shot

The night of September 7, 1996 changed history. Tupac Shakur, one of the biggest stars of Rap, was fatally struck that night in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. The attack happened the same night Tupac and his label co-founder, Suge Knight, were in an altercation outside the MGM Grand Casino.

That evening Mike Tyson won in a first-round knock-out against Bruce Seldon after walking to the ring to the music, “Knock You Out,” by his friend Shakur. Moments after the fight, Shakur and Knight attacked Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson—a Compton, California native who was believed to be an adversary of Death Row Records. Anderson, an alleged member of the Southside Crips, was identified by members of the Death Row entourage as a man who had attempted to steal a label medallion from label associate Trevon “Tre” Lane some months earlier at Lakewood Mall. That accusation prompted an attack in the casino lobby that involved Shakur and Knight charging Anderson, knocking him down, and kicking him.

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Hours later, Tupac and Knight were shot at the intersection of Flamingo and Koval en route to an after-fight party at Knight’s nightclub, Club 662. According to eyewitnesses, a full-sized white Cadillac pulled alongside a black BMW sedan driven by Knight, with Shakur as a passenger—and a passenger fired into the vehicle, striking both Shakur and Knight. On September 13, Shakur succumbed to his four gunshot wounds. Knight, reportedly struck in the head by a bullet fragment, survived. However, surveillance camera footage of the fight with Orlando Anderson ultimately landed Suge behind bars for a sentence from early 1997 until mid-2001.

New footage has been released by The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection and shared online by The Art Of Dialogue. In the approximately 45 seconds of video, Knight and Shakur can be seen on the Las Vegas Strip with a group of women on September 7, 1996. Shakur is wearing the basketball jersey he was sporting at the time of the shooting—a change of clothes from the silk button-down he wore at the boxing match.

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The footage has been released as there is newfound attention surrounding September 7, 1996. This month (July 17), Las Vegas’ Metro Police Department obtained a warrant to search a residence of Duane “Keffe D” Harris (sometimes spelled (“Keefe D”). Including in LAPD Detective Greg Kading’s book Murder Rap, Harris stated that he was the driver of the white Cadillac rental car and is an uncle of Anderson—who was a passenger. Anderson, who testified at Knight’s subsequent trial, was fatally shot in 1998. The searched house, reportedly belonging to Keffe D’s wife, Paula Clemons, is in Henderson, a Las Vegas suburb.

Greg Kading recently spoke to Las Vegas’ KTNV, an ABC affiliate. He believes that his investigation, which stemmed from the 1997 murder of Christopher Wallace, aka The Notorious B.I.G., identifies Orlando Anderson as the gunman who shot and subsequently killed Shakur. “The strength of the lead was really based on Keffe D’s confession about being involved in the murder and giving a gun to his nephew Orlando,” Kading told KTNV in a previous interview.

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Kading and his investigation got cooperation from Keffe D, when the man faced a penalty for an unrelated crime. “[Keffe D] was facing a 25-year minimum mandatory sentence on a drug case that we had built against him, that we had built that case specifically against him to compel him to cooperate in the murder investigations,” the retired LAPD detective told the station. “Eventually, we went to interview him about that, and that led to his confession to the murder of Tupac Shakur,” Kading stated. “He’s out there boasting about it, and none of these confessions he’s making are protected under his previous agreement. So it opened up the door for [police] now to pursue him, to prosecute him.”

According to The Mirror, this month’s investigation included police seizing .40 caliber bullets, book manuscripts, computers, hard drives, and phones from the residence. The investigation evidence now includes Compton Street Legend, a self-published 2019 Keffe D memoir that covers his September 7, 1996 accounts and mentions a Glock used in the gunfire. A representative said ammunition will be tested for a possible connection to the 1996 shooting.

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As Keffe D wrote as a companion to his memoir, he and Suge Knight are the only two living people in the white Cadillac and the Black BMW.

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