Benzino Accuses Eminem Of Doing Shady Business On A Diss Record

Eminem and Ray Benzino have been beefing for well over 20 years. In the first month of 2024, tensions have been back on the boiler after Em used an a la carte verse on a Lyrical Lemonade compilation to jab at the co-founder of Almighty RSO, Made Men, and former co-owner of The Source magazine. Marshall Mathers’ barbs made light of Benzino’s physique as well as his spotty relationship with daughter, music star Coi Leray. Notably, hours after the diss, Leray reacted on social media with “Rap beef is so washed and tired.”

After “Doomsday Part 2” released Friday (January 26), Benzino dropped his first diss response on “Vultorious.” Over JAY-Z’s “Where I’m From” instrumental (as produced by Amen-Ra Lawrence and D-Dot), Ray punched back with lines such as “You a punk, plan my funeral? / Please, you shoot who?/ Square ain’t even go circle the block for Proof” and “You look weird, don’t care how much Just For Men they put on you / Never seen with a girl, never seen with a b___h/ But got a song ‘What If I Was Gay’ with Joyner Lucas.” In addition to comments about Eminem’s sexuality, Benzino made light of the D12 MC’s previous battles with drug addiction.

Eminem Goes At Benzino’s Neck On A New Diss Record

Following “Vulturius,” Benzino has come with the second of his back-to-back disses. “Rap Elvis” more than doubles down on Ray’s issues with Em—who has compared himself to Elvis Presley publicly for years. With this diss song arrival, Benzino used Instagram to proclaim that Eminem has 48 hours to respond, or he will be “cancelled.”

The song questioned Eminem’s connections to the Detroit streets and its new class of rappers. “I am the culture, you don’t even be around / You don’t even come outside, you don’t even see your town / Icewear Vezzo said, ‘Em don’t be showing the city love’/ Why you ain’t got no words for him, huh?/ He in your city, bruh!” Benzino, who called the beef over two years ago, points out that Eminem’s childhood also included time in Missouri. “I wonder why, we wanna see, just say something, please/ Could it be possibly you ain’t really from them streets?/ I was born and raised in my city, you shouldn’t come for me/ I don’t know where you from but they say Missouri loves company.” The former Tommy Boy, Motown, and Rap-A-Lot Records artist uses wordplay at his longtime opponent.

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However, further in the song, Benzino attacks Shady Records’ roster and its relationship to past artists. “Okay, you found 50 and you put on five Detroit n____as / Rest in peace to the best ones, the rest of them sound iffy / So let’s go down your stable: Gunn left your label, Benny left your label, Con left your label / Royce left your label, Joe Budden left your label,” Benzino raps, referring to the late Proof at the top, and then name-checking Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine, Royce 5’9″, and Joe Budden.

However, Benzino does not stop there. He mentions the other members of Slaughterhouse, and some mid-2000s Shady Records acts. “Ortiz left your label, no, Crooked I couldn’t save you / Yelawolf been out here flopping and where the hell Ca$hius at though?/ Because from Obie Twice, only twice, and not a word from Stat Quo / With all them false lines that you pitched them / Shady Records sounds like less of a name and more like a description.

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Notably, Atlanta, Georgia rapper Stat Quo has detailed his exit from Shady Records without an album. Conway and Westside Gunn each released one solo album at the label, while Benny joined his two relatives for a 2019 Griselda LP. Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Royce 5’9″, and KXNG Crooked worked as Slaughterhouse at Shady, before getting released from the label approximately one year ago. That news came amid conflicts within the group, as Joell and Crooked released a side-project, The Rise & Fall Of Slaughterhouse. Royce, who has never issued solo material through Shady, previously joined Em for Bad Meets Evil. Detroit’s Obie Trice, Chicago, Illinois’ Ca$hus and Alabama’s Yelawolf have been off the imprint for some time, releasing music independently.

Benzino then attacks Eminem for previous disparaging comments made against Black women, something that the rapper deliberately covered while at The Source. Previously, in 2021, Benzino and Royce entered a war of words surrounding Coi Leray.

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While both of Benzino’s disses are available on YouTube only, Eminem’s “Doomsday Part 2” is currently on the Ambrosia For Heads playlist (follow here), along with new music by Benny The Butcher, Joell Ortiz & Apollo Brown, Royce 5’9″, and more.