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If OG Maco Has 15 Seconds of Fame, He’s Going to Live It to the Fullest (Video)

Recently-announced inductee of the XXL's Freshmen Class of 2015 OG Maco, has released a new video for his single "15." The Atlanta, Georgia MC, who also authored the intense club banger "Run Ricky Run," is well aware of what his detractors think...he has 15 seconds of fame, and the time... Read more

Ryshon Jones – 15

Wow. This song is dark, musically and lyrically. See below for Ryshon's explanation of its genesis. The song is called 15. Click here to download. Here's what Ryshon had to say about the song: “This song was inspired by a kid I grew up with, I recently found out he... Read more

What About the Numbers? – De-Coding the Mysterious Numbers on LOST

The mystery of the LOST numbers illuminated by Kunal M: So, while Lost ended last night with a very emotional episode that I actually thought was pretty good, the mystery of the numbers was never discussed. After the jump, here’s the mystery behind those 6 digits that have driven us... Read more