Scratch (Video)

As we continue our all day celebration of Hip-Hop on the weekend of its 40th birthday, it's time to show some love to the DJ. The documentary Scratch is one of the best films ever on turntabilism.  Scratch gives an in-depth look at the art of working the 1s and... Read more

The Rub: The History of Recorded Hip-Hop From 1979-Present (Audio)

We continue our all-day long celebration of the 40th anniversary of the weekend Hip-Hop was born with the music. Here are links to a collection of Hip-Hop mixes that document Hip-Hop music from 1979-2009, YEAR BY YEAR. The mixes are courtesy of The Rub, one of the dopest DJ collectives... Read more

Breakin’ N Enterin’ Documentary (Video)

The movie Breakin’ introduced many to the West Coast break dancing scene but before Breakin’ there was the documentary Breakin’ N Enterin’. Breakin’ N Enterin’ is a film from 1983 that documented the then nascent LA B-boy scene and inspired the landmark dance film Breakin’. It featured many of the... Read more

Wild Style (Video)

As we continue our all day celebration of Hip-Hop on the weekend of its 40th Anniversary, it is only fitting that we celebrate Wild Style, a 1983 film produced by Hip-Hop pioneer Charlie Ahearn that was the first glimpse of Hip-Hop culture for many of those not living and breathing... Read more

Because They Made It That Way (Hip-Hop At 40 Years Old)

If you go by the books, Hip-Hop (I’ll spell it with capital letters since KRS-One told us to do so) turns 40 years old this month. Six summers before Big Bank Hank, Wonder Mike and Master Gee drove a Lincoln Continental and great big Cadillac up the charts to a... Read more