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Saigon & Termanology Put Prejudice Policing In Its Place Over Q-Tip Production (Audio)

A decade ago, Termanology and Saigon were two of the rising stars in the New York Hip-Hop scene. While Term' would begin a relentless cycle of independent releases that has lasted well into today, Saigon would ink a major label deal with Atlantic Records and get to work on a... Read more

Saigon Offers A Stripped-Down DJ Premier Remix Of His Big Daddy Kane Collab (Audio)

Following last month's original, DJ Premier-produced version of "One Foot In The Door," Saigon has a remix. Still maintaining the same opening intro, an early 2000s on-the-spot cosign from Jay Z, this mix has an organic, piano-driven beat. This allows Heads to hear the wrath of Kane, and Sai Giddy's... Read more

Saigon’s Next Album To Feature 3-4 DJ Premier Tracks & Big Daddy Kane?

Saigon's The Greatest Story Never Told album featured one of the most exciting production lineups for any debut artists. Although it was released over five years after originally planned, on a different label than commissioned it, the album featured production by Just Blaze, with involvement from Kanye West, Swizz Beatz,... Read more