Black Thought Fronts A Funky Track That Uses Blues To Motivate (Audio)

The Roots' Black Thought does not do a ton of features, relatively speaking. However, in recent years, when the South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MC puts his vocals on something beyond the circle, he does not seem to play politics. From Thurz ("Riot") to L.A. The Darkman ("Rap Poloticians"), Tariq supports what... Read more

Q-Tip Laced The Track For AdAD, Who Urges Us To Get It Together (Video)

MC AdAD is making moves. The budding talent gets a look from Q-Tip, who makes a cameo in the video. "Get It Together" may remind some Abstract fans of the Ill Communication-era track with the Beastie Boys. However, this appears to have a similar pastiche. AdAD tells the Heads to... Read more

Blu & Exile – The Great Escape ft Homeboy Sandman & ADAD

Here's some new music from Blu & Exile. Check out The Great Escape featuring Homeboy Sandman & ADAD. Related: Blu – Rap Dope (Audio)... Read more