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Tupac & Biggie Are Being Impersonated By An AI Chatbot

It has been more than a quarter-century since Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls passed. Both Rap legends made an indelible mark on Hip-Hop in their short careers. Long after their tragic deaths (six months apart in 1996 and 1997, respectively), music and art continue to flourish from both slain legends.... Read more

Record Companies Are Replacing Corny Rappers With Cornier Virtual Ones

Capitol Records has announced the signing of a Rap artist named FN Meka this month. However, this signing is noteworthy because FN Meka is a virtual artist who, using artificial intelligence, has made songs that have gone viral on TikTok, where Meka has over 10 million followers. Ryan Ruden, Capitol... Read more

What Happens When Robots Become Judges? A New Study Examines The Question (Audio)

It's everywhere. From the self check-out aisles at the grocery store to the self-driving vehicles appearing on roadways across the country. Artificial intelligence is moreso the technology of today than it is the technology of the future, but there are still aspects to it we have not quite yet grappled... Read more