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Spike Lee Speaks on Eric Garner and Americans Doing the Right Thing (Video)

I will never forget the scene in Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing where the character Radio Raheem was savagely choked to death by a police officer. The brutality was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. The life was literally sucked out of Raheem as one officer did the choking... Read more

Nas Speaks on Race on Anderson Cooper’s Race & Justice in America II (Video)

It's official. Nas has become the defacto representative of hip-hop excellence to the mainstream. After having a Harvard fellowship created in his name last week, he made an appearance on Anderson Cooper's special on Race & Justice in America last night to weigh in. Check out a brief clip below.... Read more

In case you missed 8 Mile, check out Eminem's interview on 60 Minutes. You'll also learn about 5 words that rhyme with "orange.'

There's also a fairly intense moment when Anderson Cooper (who is openly gay) questions Em about his reputed homophobia. Check it out:  ... Read more