Here’s The Story Behind The All-Star Cypher That Ended The Arsenio Hall Show

Twenty-five years ago this month, The Arsenio Hall Show dimmed the lights on a massive television platform, especially for Hip-Hop. Since early 1989, the actor/comedian/host planted his flag with a new kind of late-night talk-show with a penchant for the issues, people, and culture that inspired him. From M.C. Hammer... Read more

Eddie Murphy Is Coming Back To America Just In Time

Nearly two years ago, it was revealed that Eddie Murphy was working on a sequel script to one of his most beloved films, Coming To America. The original 1988 John Landis-directed movie was based on a story by Murphy. He starred in the film as "Prince Akeem" alongside a talented... Read more

Let Your Soul Glow, Again. Eddie Murphy Is Writing Coming To America Sequel

Throughout his career, Eddie Murphy launched several film franchises. First it was 48 Hours and Beverly Hills Cop. Later, it was The Nutty Professor, Dr. Doolittle, and Shrek. It appears now that Eddie will reprise one of his most beloved, critically acclaimed, and downright funny roles (as "Prince Akeem Joffer")... Read more

Louie Anderson Details How An Act Of Kindness Landed His Role In Coming To America (Video)

Twenty nine years ago, Eddie Murphy struck gold when he made Coming To America. The romantic comedy has endured as a classic, thanks to a number of roles taken on by Murphy. One of Hollywood's top earners and top draws of the day, Eddie was surrounded by a cast of... Read more

Harlem Fashion, Beastie Boys & Arsenio Hall Profiled In Part Two Of The Tanning Of America (Video)

Following yesterday's (February 25) full stream of part one (of four), called "Word Is Bond," from Steve Stoute's The Tanning Of America documentary series on VH1, part two (titled "Fight The Power") is now available. This chapter highlights Hip-Hop's ushering in of The Beastie Boys, a landmark group for being... Read more

Suge Knight Talks About D.O.C., DJ Yella, Kendrick Lamar & Game, But What’s He Saying? (Video)

So many interviews with Marion "Suge" Knight are predictable. The Compton, California native will usually find a way to spill controversy into any statement he makes, likely focusing on defaming targets ranging from former partners like Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, to longtime foe Diddy. Enter Arsenio Hall, a longtime... Read more

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Tell Arsenio They Want to Be Part of The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (Video)

After performing on The Arsenio Hall Show, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony sat down with Arsenio for an exclusive online interview. The quintet discussed the unique brand of musicality they contributed to Hip-Hop and R&B, their desire to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and more. Check out the... Read more

All 5 Members of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Perform on the Arsenio Hall Show (Video)

All 5 members of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony stopped by the Arsenio Hall Show to perform their classic Crossroads and their new single Everything 100. Check out both performances below. Crossroads Everything 100 ft Ty Dolla $ign Related: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Pay Tribute to Eazy-E, Tupac & The Notorious B.I.G. (Video)... Read more

MC Serch Freestyles Off the Top of the Dome on the Arsenio Show. It’s Like 1990 all Over Again (in a Dope Way) (Video)

3rd Bass' MC Serch was on the Arsenio Hall Show to promote the launch of Serch's own talk show. At the end of the interview, Serch kick a true off the top freestyle, OG style. Check out the video. Related: 3rd Bass’ MC Serch Gets An Afternoon TV Talk Show.... Read more

Arsenio Hall Gives Chance the Rapper His First Shot on Latenight TV. Check out the Performance (Video)

In the 90's, The Arsenio Hall show was one of the few places on TV that was friendly to Hip-Hop. At the time, no other latenight talk shows were supporting the genre. Things have changed since then, but Arsenio is still giving some artists their first shots on the big... Read more

Kanye West Stepped in It Again…This Time with Arsenio Hall (Video)

The vast majority of Kanye West coverage has gotten inane, but after Ye made some comments about Arsenio Hall, Arsenio decided to respond, OG style...His words were calm but direct and sage. In particular, he dropped some real jewels on what he sees as Ye's cavalier use of the word... Read more

Diddy Talks To Arsenio About Catharisis As It Relates To His Father (Video)

Heads probably know that Sean "Diddy" Combs' father, Melvin Combs was a known '60s and '70s hustler and Frank Lucas associate, Uptown. (Diddy would later work extensively on Jay Z's American Gangster album) You've heard it in raps and in interviews, as Puff has also spoken that he barely got... Read more

RZA and Arsenio Hall Reminisce on 20 Years of Wu-Tang Clan (Video)

RZA sat down with Arsenio Hall to discuss 20-years of Wu-Tang Clan. Check out the video. Related: Method Man Returns to Where He Grew Up in Staten Island to talk Wu Origins (Video)... Read more

MC Lyte Performs “Cravin'” On The Aresnio Hall Show (Video)

It's quite amazing that its been roughly 25 years since the first female solo Hip-Hop record dropped in 1988. And although MC Lyte has already had a career that most could only dream of, she isn't done yet. This week she performed her brand new single "Cravin'" on The Arsenio... Read more

Kendrick Lamar Explains The Musical Inspiration Behind His Name and Performs m.A.A.d. City (Video)

While it'd be nice if "In Living Color" was also back, with Keenan Ivory Wayans still able to poke fun at some of the stuff, Arsenio Hall's latenight platform was a crucial trailblazer in legitimizing Hip-Hop in the mainstream. Moreover, Arsenio (who points out in this interview that he's a... Read more

Ice Cube Discusses the Upcoming N.W.A. Film (Video)

Ice Cube sat down on the new Arsenio Hall show and discussed the upcoming film on N.W.A. which will be directed by F. Gary Gray (Friday) and more. Check out the video. Related: The Album Heard ‘Round the World: N.W.A’s Straight Outta Compton Turns 25-years Old... Read more