Jackie Robinson Made History Nearly 70 Years Ago, But His Story Is Far From Over (Video)

Next week will mark the 69th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's history-making entry into the Major League Baseball organization as the first Black player to ever do so, and a new documentary will serve as a reminder as to why that achievement was so important back in 1947, and why his... Read more

Straight Outta Cooperstown: Hip-Hop Meets Baseball in These Mashup Cards

Earlier this month, it was announced that Marvel comics would be recreating comic-book covers with inspiration from classic Hip-Hop albums. Now, in the latest mash-up of pop and Hip-Hop culture, the faces of Rap stars have found themselves in the world of classic baseball cards. Similar to the concept behind... Read more

50 Cent is a Man of Many Talents. Baseball is NOT One of Them…Worst Pitch Ever? (Video)

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