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Spotlight: Dot Demo Wants His People to Remember Where They Came From & Rise Up (Audio)

Dot Demo is a Bronx, New York native whose affinity for the thought-provoking content on songs like "Blak Gesus" and his 2014 mixtape Delta Theory has set him apart from many of his contemporaries. Having grown up around unorthodox and left-of-mainstream teachings and experiences, he was exposed to metaphysical and... Read more

Dot Demo Gets Demonic to Remind Us We’re All Possessed (Video)

22 year-old Bronx MC Dot Demo has yet to release his debut album, but his creativity and fully polished work thus far have earned him considerable buzz. With Somewhere In Nirvana (notice the acronym) expected to arrive very soon, the young artist recently performed for Huffington Post's Freestyle Fridays series,... Read more