Do Tour Announcements Get Better Than This Home Shopping Network Spoof By Action Bronson & Donnell Rawlings? (Video)

To those who have seen him live, Action Bronson is a great performer. The Queens, New Yorker brings massive-sized energy to his shows, with an assortment of guests, and clouds of smoke that he enjoys sharing with the crowd, amidst his jokes and raps. To announce some Blue Chips 2... Read more

Action Bronson & Party Supplies Get Unplugged For Amadu Diablo (Video)

Action Bronson & Party Supplies bring some '90s MTV/VH1 humor to life in the stripped down take on Blue Chips 2's "Amadu Diablo." It's all about the charisma, in one of 2013's best sequels, and talk of the town mixtapes... Related: Action Bronson Completes a Day of Mixtape Madness with... Read more

Action Bronson Completes a Day of Mixtape Madness with the Release of Blue Chips 2 (Mixtape)

Action Bronson completes what may be the best Halloween ever for mixtapes by releasing his Blue Chips 2 sequel just before the stroke of midnight. The mixtape has guest verses from Ab-Soul, Mac Miller, Meyhem Lauren and more. You can stream and download Blue Chips 2 below. Click here to... Read more