Joey Bada$$ Freestyles a Potent Call for Revolution (Video)

Less than a month after annihilating the infamous "5 Fingers of Death" freestyle exercise while visiting "Sway in the Morning," Brooklyn, New York's Joey Bada$$ has destroyed yet another early-morning radio show. This time around, he's in Los Angeles where he brought his distinctly East Coast sensibilities to the mic for... Read more

Vic Mensa Is Breaking New Ground. But He Can Still Crush Old Ice Cube Beats (Video)

Vic Mensa fronted a Rock & Roll band. Vic Mensa made hits with House music. But can Vic Mensa obliterate some '90s and 2000s G-Funk? Most definitely. The Save Money MC hits "The Cruz Show" to munch on some "Breakfast Bars," better described as classic Ice Cube instrumentals. The Chicago,... Read more

Logic Kicks a Fearless Off the Top Freestyle Better Than Many Writtens (Video)

Those familiar with Logic know that above else, he's about those BARS. Having thrived on the underground circuit for years, the MC also known as Young Sinatra broke through in 2014 with his top 5 debuting album, Under Pressure. The album was filled with expertly crafted and deeply personal lyrics... Read more