Nas Dusts Off A Gil Scott-Heron Sample For A Nasty Look At Addiction (Audio)

Nas is an executive producer (and rhyme-writer) on the series, The Get Down. Set in the 1970s Bronx, the show looks at the earliest days of Hip-Hop music and culture, and the circumstances around its creation. While DJ'ing, MC'ing, breakin', and graffiti are colorful forms of expression, crime, drugs, and... Read more

Kentyah Presents Evolutionary Minded: Furthering the Legacy of Gil Scott-Heron (Video)

There are certain projects that have the power to embody more than just music, whether it be a place in time or an overall energy.  With Evolutionary Minded: Furthering the Legacy of Gil Scott-Heron, it seems that Kentyah has accomplished just exactly that. The video below plays not only as a... Read more