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This Journalist Who Was Encouraged By Eazy-E Releases A Book Comparing Hip-Hop & Chess

From the Wu-Tang Clan to Wale, Fresh to Dilated Peoples, Hip-Hop's music, film, and lifestyle maintain strong ties to chess. The 64 squares relate to many aspects of life. Northern California veteran author, speaker, scholar, and music journalist Adisa "The Bishop" Banjoko has made a career out tying Hip-Hop, chess,... Read more

GZA Speaks About His Chess Game (Video)

GZA is still pursuing the mystery of chess boxing...literally. Here's an interview of the liquid swordsman discussing his love for chess, as well as a taste about his upcoming album, Dark Matter. Check out the video. Related: Wu-Tang Clan perform Six Directions of Boxing with The Roots on Late Night... Read more