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Denitia And Sene Are Divided On A Slow & Sexy Beat (Audio)

One of the popular producers in this style of Hip-Hop, Christian Rich, laces Sene and Denitia with this slow-moving, smoky and sexual song about how being apart affects being together. Sene's definitely headed in a different direction than what Heads witnessed with Blu over the years. How do you feel... Read more

Christian Rich – Superman ft RZA

RZA channels a fellow '91 alum (and Wu family friend) in MF DOOM in this colorful Christian Rich track. Not only does the beat call back to DangerDOOM, RZA's whimsical flow feels a lot like the KMD front-man. That's not to say this is biting, but just a cool reminder... Read more

Pharrell has been stretching out musically lately. The new N.E.R.D. could go in many directions. Here are a few possibilities. Pharrell - Fun, Fun, Fun (from the Despicable Me soundtrack--yep, the kids' movie with Steve Carell...) Robin Thicke - My Life (also produced by Pharrell for Despicable Me--he scored the whole project--and he has Robin Thicke sounding just like Justin Timberlake...) And, of course there's the Christian Rich... Read more

Pharrell on Christian Rich Check out the co-sign of Christian Rich's The Decadence.... Read more

The Decadence Mixtape – Christian Rich

This mixtape is more like an album than a mixtape and it's pretty dope.  It also got a serious co-sign from Pharrell.  It gets no heavier.... Read more