10 Years Later, D12 Show Proof’s Memory Is Very Much Alive In A New Documentary (Video)

It's been a decade since Detroit, Michigan's Proof passed away. An integral part of the city's Rap scene, his 2006 death was only 2 months after fellow Motor City native J Dilla left a gaping whole in the Hip-Hop community. Having performed as a member of the oft-overlooked 5 Elementz,... Read more

D12’s dEnAuN Empties His Backpack & The Contents Slam (FreEP)

Producer/MC dEnAuN (a/k/a Mr. Porter) released a new six-song EP today (May 7), Stuff In My Backpack. The EP offers a refreshing and crisp sound that displays the evolution of the Detroit, Michigan native's lengthy career (despite several name-changes) Compelling lyricism along with gritty beats gives dEnAuN a chance to shine apart... Read more