What The Ohio Players’ & P-Funk’s Junie Morrison Meant To Hip-Hop (Audio)

Yesterday (February 16) Rock & Roll Hall of Fame musician/producer Walter "Junie" Morrison died. The Dayton, Ohio native was a critical part of the Ohio Players band as keyboardist, vocalist, and producer. Joining the veteran outfit in 1970, he was on hand for some of the band's most memorable work,... Read more

Dam-Funk Sells Funk Straight Out The Trunk. Literally (Video)

In an era of software-driven producers, Los Angeles, California's Dam-Funk is about that hardware. Since 1988, the Stones Throw Records artist has made bodacious Funk through a series of synthesizers, cheap and expensive alike. If you see the Snoop Dogg and Blu collaborator on the road, you'll see that he... Read more

Dam-Funk’s Disclosure Remix Has Even Wallflowers Finna Get Loose (Audio)

Stones Throw Records is a sonic hot-bed. Whether Madlib, J Dilla, Oh No, or Mayer Hawthorne, Peanut Butter Wolf's imprint hones in some of music's most exciting producers, and gives them free reign. In the current label lineup, Dam-Funk is a standout. For almost a decade, the Southern California mainstay... Read more

Snoop Dogg Makes 2015 Funktafied With A Dam-Funk & Daz Dillinger Double-Take (Audio)

It's always a celebration for Snoop Dogg. Tha Doggfather brings in the new year by heating up one of his many, many side projects. 7 Days Of Funk brought Snoop to Stones Throw Records to link with producer/vocalist Dam-Funk for a retro, free-form 2013 Funk project that brought each Southern... Read more

Blu, MED & Dam-Funk Are Buzzin’ Over Madlib Beats (Video)

Madlib, the producer, MC and DJ who has worked collaboratively in the past with the likes of MF DOOM (Madvillain) and J Dilla (JayLib), stayed close to home to work with MED and Blu to produce most of their 2013 joint project, The Burgundy EP. Just nine months later, The... Read more

Kanye West, Common & Madlib Discuss Stones Throw Records In Part 1 Of Documentary (Video)

Peanut Butter Wolf's Stones Throw Records is a special imprint. The California-based indie label has been a release house for work ranging from acclaimed J Dilla Instrumental albums (Donuts), MF DOOM comeback collaborations (Madvillainy), debut LPs from NYC legends like Percee P (Perseverance), and a host of small one-offs ranging... Read more

Snoop & Dam Funk Release a Video for the Mega Funky “Do My Thang” (Video)

Last year, Snoop & Dam Funk released 7 Days of Funk, a joint project that supplied funk in the tradition of back in the day hits like Bounce, Rock, Skate, Cutie Pie and pretty much everything in Zapp's catalog. Now, they've released a video for one of the funkiest of... Read more

Snoop Dogg & Dam-Funk Have 7 Days Of Funk For The Ladies (Video)

In the latest of several stylized videos from Snoop Dogg & Dam-Funk's 7 Days collaborative project, the charismatic Doggfather and the Electro-Funk reviver attract legions of ladies, curious about the week lost in the groove in "I'll Be There 4U." Always one to dazzle with the casting of his videos... Read more

Snoop Goes Back to His Funk Roots on Hit Da Pavement. Here’s the Video (Video)

Snoopzilla (that's the second half of 2013's nickname for Snoop Dogg, by the way) and Dam-Funk are unveiling their 7 Minutes Of Funk project this week. "Hit The Pavement" is a video that has the same grit and feel of "Doggy Dogg World," but now Snoop's kickin' a much more... Read more

Blu & MED Might Use Peroxide, But This Dam-Funk & Madlib Assisted Track Is Funky (Audio)

MED has churned out a lot of records in 2013. Between work with J. Rocc, Oh No, and others, the former Stones Throw Records artist has stayed busy and quite versatile. Blu knows that sort of schedule and strategy well. The two California natives link with a third, in Madlib,... Read more

Snoop Dogg & Dam-Funk Got 7 Days Of Funk In The Jheri Curled Faden Away (Video)

Snoop Dogg makes Reggae. Snoop Dogg makes '80s-tinged R&B. Now, Snoop D-O-double-G makes Funk. Teaming with Stones Throw's Dam-Funk, the pair (as 7 Days Of Funk) channel the kind of music that pioneers like George Clinton and Bootsy (the inspiration for the Snoopzilla moniker) made and which eventually led to... Read more

7 Days Of Funk (Snoop Dogg + Dam Funk) – Faden Away

I cannot say that I saw this coming. However, as Snoop Dogg links with Eddie Murphy, why not do a song with Electro-Funk contemporary artist Dam Funk? Dam has been on Stones Throw Records for a number of years, upholding that spacey, stoned style that's more Egyptian Lover and Arabian... Read more