Dawaun Parker Worked A Lot On Dr. Dre’s Detox. He Says The Concept Is Scrapped (Video)

Within Dr. Dre's inner-circle at Aftermath Entertainment throughout the last 10 years, Dawaun Parker is a key member. The Boston, Massachusetts native who cut his teeth working with artists like T.I. on King would subsequently work alongside guys like Dre, J Dilla, and Eminem on albums by Busta Rhymes, 50... Read more

Kanye West Isn’t The Only Artist To End Up In The Trunk Of A Woman’s Car. 50 Cent Follows (Video)

It's now safe to assume that if 50 Cent releases a song from Animal Ambition, you'll get the video within 24 hours. This held true of the Dr. Dre & Dawaun Parker-produced "Smoke." Following yesterday's intentional leak, the video arrives. This visual kind of ends up where Kanye West's "Flashing... Read more

50 Cent & Dr. Dre Team Up Again. But How Will It Sound In Da Club? (Audio)

50 Cent may have left the Interscope Records building, but he still has access to one of his own mentors, and Interscope's longtime franchise superstar, Dr. Dre. Almost two years since Fif and The Doc collided for the Alicia Keys-assisted "New Day," they invite Trey Songz to the fold for... Read more